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10 EASY Tips to Speed Up Your Computer For FREE (Make Your PC FASTER) | Chaos

Nobody wants a slow computer. There’s an off change you’re watching this video on a computer But more than likely probably on your phone Now this may not always be up to you as some computers just slow down with time due to the normal wear and Tear of their parts, but there are plenty of ways to keep your computer running quickly regardless of how old it is What is up guys Jimmy here welcome to the late-night top tens and today we are going to be going over four 10 easy ways That you can speed up your computer Anybody can do these little tricks some of them you probably know maybe one or two of them you don’t and it could help you Get some better performance out of your computer in the long run before we get into it We are running a two hundred dollar Amazon gift card giveaway the entire month of august all you have to do to enter is like This video be subscribed turn on your notifications and leave a comment Why you want to win it with your Twitter handle attached? I will announce the winner at the end of the month on Twitter be sure to take advantage of the giveaway be subscribed with your Notifications on that is the guarantee that you will get every video that I put up Specifically these late night squad midnight top tens, and now let’s see if we can speed up your computer at least just a little bit Number 10 this one is probably the easiest thing and probably the most well-known But it does help clear your cache and cookies from your web browser if your computer is being a little slow while surfing the web Chances are your cookies and data are too full and they are slowing down your browser Well, how can you fix this just get rid of the stuff that’s slowing it down.

It’s simple. Just be gone stuff I guess clear the cache data and the cookies from your browser and you’re likely to see a difference in speed since there is less strain on your actual internet browser and Since we’re talking about browsers Okay at number 9 I am not trying to get into a browser war but But in the comments section let me know what your browser of choice is and mine is Google chrome if you’re not using google chrome on your desktop You really should be honestly chrome is vastly superior to all the other web browsers, not just in speed But also in settings and accessibility, it’s much easier to get into your web settings and see your cache your data your cookies ETC with chrome then it actually is with Safari Firefox, or ie or whatever it is You’re using if you’re not using chrome as your default browser You should probably fix that in my opinion but be sure not to delete the other browsers on your computer just in case chrome decides to crap out on you because It’s not perfect either, and I’m sure you guys are gonna.

Give me tons of comments of why it’s not perfect You don’t want to be left without a web browser in the unlikely event that that ever happens but to me chrome is definitely the the choice to go with a number eight automate your updates It’s definitely easier to just hit the remind me later button when prompted with a software update we all do it I’ve done it But if you don’t want to update your stuff those updates will just end up stacking up and making the process even more Frustrating once you’ve decided to actually update.

I want you guys to think about it would you rather update now for a few minutes or Later for a few hours every time you click that remind me later button you are making the process Longer and longer and you are just delaying the inevitable just automate your updates So you don’t have to worry about it ever again plus By keeping your software up-to-date you keep your computer in top shape and reduce your likeliness of being hacked. Thanks to the updated software and Number seven reinstalling your windows for the ultimate restart to your computer And I don’t suggest this unless you know what you’re doing and You have a good backup and window image and all that good stuff Ok there’s actually a feature that will allow you to delete and reinstall windows all together if you’re just to the point Where you want a fresh start you can do this if you go digging into your settings the update and recovery section You should see two options assuming.

You have windows 8 or later you should have the option to refresh your PC without affecting your files or Remove everything and reinstall windows both of these will return windows to its most clean Pure state removing all the malware viruses in the process that you may or may not Have accumulated over time however if you choose to do this you need to be aware that Everything on your hard drive may be lost So just be sure to save all your important files to a flash drive or an external hard drive before you hit that Because you cannot undo that reset button. I have a big External that I do every Sunday. I do a window windows image backup on – just to be safe And number six and this is a pretty easy one turn off your animations if you have one of the later versions of windows You’re probably aware of these little animations that come with it If your computer is strong enough these animations are nice and make you feel cool at your desk They’re just all sleek and everything But if your computer is older these animations just serve to slow everything down so that your computer Everything is a process your computer has to run every single thing that happens on it.

No matter What and a lot of behind the same processes that you never even see if you were to go to your task manager and click? Processes you’d be probably a little bit shocked if your computer falls into the second Coward Category of being a little old Do some digging in your settings so you can find the animations? And you can actually turn them off this should help increase your PC Speed since it won’t be putting extra work into something that is unnecessary and for me.

It’s just rule of thumb If I’m gonna go stream or run obs or some hog of a program I go into my processes And I turn off everything that I know that I don’t need going just so my computer has more power to focus on what I need and number five get rid of the Old Programs don’t be a pack rat let them go just about everyone has old programs on their computers They don’t use anymore be in old games apps Web browsers or those random installers you download in order to download certain things? Specifically in gaming there are tons of programs taking up space on your computer plus There are all these programs that come pre-loaded on the computer that you naturally you actually never use go into your programs and look through to find these old Downloads and get rid of the ones you know you’re not going to use that you know you never will use and it will free Up a ton of space which is it’s almost like if your computer’s a little on the heavy side It’s taken another notch out of the belt letting it breathe a little bit At number four deleting duplicate files for whatever reason a lot of computers feel the need to create duplicates of downloads documents photos videos You name it I guess your computer Just doesn’t have faith that you we’ll lose anything whatever the reason maybe these duplicates take up space going to your files See if you have any duplicates and get rid of them and now a lot of this stuff we’re talking about is deleting make sure you’re Competent with what you are actually? Deleting you want Do you don’t want to go deleting core files or anything that the computer needs to run so just be aware of what you’re doing But with that being said there’s a lot of wasted stuff on your computer That you can use and delete and streamline your computer’s processing power At number three speeding up the startup when you turn on your computer for the first time of the day How long does it actually take for it to turn on? Is it a few seconds a few minutes if the initial startup of your computer takes a long time? there may be some things you can actually do about it go into your settings and check out your Startup settings to see what exactly is booting up when you hit that power button for the first time of the day many Computers most computers have a bunch of apps starting up along with the computer just to serve These slow down process apps that you may not even need or even know that they’re on there and you will never use check what apps are starting up with the initial powering of the computer and Turn them off if they’re not needed this will make the startup of your computer way Faster and put less strain on your machine now if you want these apps you can turn them back on if you want or use Them once the computers on but you can turn it all off just so the computer can start up quicker I Mentioned earlier I have an external hard drive and a number two that’s exactly what we’re gonna talk about to get you an external hard Drive if you can we’ve mentioned a lot of ways to clean up your hard drive in this video But the best way that you can actually do this is just get a new hard drive all together external hard drives are incredibly helpful you can get them in pretty much any size you can want and they plug into your usB and They’re pretty much like massive flash drives If you will you can use them to store all your documents your files your videos photos and pretty much everything thus reducing the strain on your computer’s Built-in Hard drive and Making things run faster because of it.

I have an external where we keep all our pictures Documents everything everything that doesn’t need to be on the the C. Drive of my main desktop I definitely recommend looking into getting an external drive if your computer is running slow and your built-in hard drive is pretty full Okay, the number one thing that I’m gonna give you number one tip is Upgrade if this one isn’t exactly something you could do with your current computer But it still works 100% of the time if you’re struggling with a slow computer And you’ve done all you can to try and speed it up and nothing has worked It may just be time to grab some new hardware Maybe you need a new graphics card, or maybe you need to bump up your ram but whatever it is you probably need to upgrade that doesn’t mean you have to throw the whole desktop tower everything away that is a Common Misconception that a lot of people make well the computers not working, right? I have to dump it and go buy a brand new everything that is not the case You can buy What you actually need if you’re rocking some pretty old hardware like a graphics card and nothing seems to be speeding it up maybe it’s time to start shopping around Amazon and beefing up certain pieces of it to help it out and There you have it my friends those are 10 easy ways easy things easy tips that you can do To try and speed up your computer It’s a constant battle because new technology becomes old technology really really fast So hopefully some of this will help and I will give one honorable mention something that I use It’s a program called CC cleaner, and I’ll put a link in the description for it as well You can actually get it for free and I use it probably every other day it cleans out all the old stuff it just it’s really user friendly and I’ve been using it for over a year now So I’ll put it in the description you guys can check it out, and that’s it.

I hope you guys have a great day There’s a playlist below with all the other late night top tens that go down There’s also a link if you guys want to submit ideas for future late-night top tips Hope you guys have a great day, and I’ll see you tomorrow night .

10 EASY Tips to Speed Up Your Computer For FREE (Make Your PC FASTER)
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10 EASY Tips to Speed Up Your Computer For FREE (Make Your PC FASTER) | Chaos


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