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“PATIENCE” – TRADER MOTIVATION (Trading Motivational Video) #MondayMotivation

What if while you’re watching this video suddenly a cut an on screen appeared a film of yourself you recognize there was you but things were different things was better what that person you saw that you recognized to be absolutely yourself was doing things that you want to do achieving the things that you wanted to achieve that person was living your vision of your ideal life what would you feel Envy excitement depression imagine what it would feel like for sure you’d be confused about what the hell was going on there would be my time to explain and I would say what you’re seeing on screen is your life in five 10 years time if the life you want success in trading the flexibility to travel the world to world to own hours to have the things you want and more importantly spend more time with the people you want to spend time with imagine that version of your life you can achieve everything you want but here’s the catch you have to work for it solidly for the next 5-10 years you have to stop being each day in isolation and realize there’s a bigger picture rather than getting hung up with your trading results today instead things yourself and what steps can I take that moves me close to that five ten years old stop seeing setbacks and losses as failures a theta is just a signal that as an area of your trading that you need to work on so guess what you need to get the work improving that and that doesn’t mean spending two hours tomorrow morning addressing the problem I mean going over it again and again and again until you get it right and then again and again and again until it boring as hell and then keep going again and again and again until the second nature stop trading your profit and loss I start trading your vision for the future the moment you switch your focus from day to day and power balloting to instead focusing on what life will be like in five to ten years time if you work hard and your training will get better suddenly the revenge trade stop you don’t over trade anymore you don’t force things I don’t need a trade in the next two hours I’ll wait for the right one to come along whenever that happens I’ve got ten years to achieved it the problem is everyone always wants everything now but that’s not how is that work people talk about patience in trading and having the patience wait for trade but the real patience is about how you imagine yourself succeeding how can you become a profitable trader in a matter of weeks that doesn’t give yourself enough time to fail and learn a veil and learn enough times to even deserve the success what you want something on a plate well guess what I’m sorry to burst your bubble but life doesn’t work that way prioritize your development take a step back from trading the market and realize that maybe you’re not ready yet spend that time on practicing instead how many hours this week did you spend going over individual skills and trying to improve them inspecting your technique and form well whatever you are that it’s not enough do more two years of trading as an optimized professional world-class trader will bring you better results than ten years of mediocre hits a myth inconsistent trading I’ve seen both silence trust me if you want that life in ten years rather than being stuck in the same situation you’re in now it’s time my name’s Ryan it’s time to put up the boredom and frustration and the emotional strain and it’s time to get on track your success in trading won’t come from just opening trade it will come from being a great trader the best when you start work stuck-up those losses all complaining stop giving after yourself get your head down and just start working

A motivational video for traders about the realities of trading and having patience over the long term to achieve real success. Sometimes the markets can be tough and we all need a bit of motivation or inspiration to get ourselves back on track and keep striving to make those profits.

Whether you’re trading forex, stocks, bonds, commodities or even when you’re not trading at all, stop focusing on trying to shoot for the stars everyday and realign your work efforts with your long-term vision for success.






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