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Investing 101 – Easy Beginner Strategies + How I’m investing my money

Investing can be a little intimidating at first — okay a lot intimidating. I came into it knowing nothing – which I actually consider a failing on the public school system and college. But thank the Lord I know what a mitochondria is right? I’m Sarah also known as Budget Girl here on the Internet’s and I believe that you can meet all of your money goals and build your very best life with the aid of a budget I make videos every single week on how to manage your money pay off debt and live the life of your dreams unless if you’d like to learn how to level up with your money I love it if you subscribed to join the budget fam and if you like wealth building go ahead and like this vid my parents also didn’t invest my mother stayed at home with health issues and my father was a military lifer he was dependent on the government retirement and health care systems for all of his lifelong care and financial needs I’m not a big fan of that so here’s what I’m doing for my current personal wealth building I chose not to go into the military but I do have a government job at Texas A&M University if I choose to work here or in some similar government career I could retire after about 30 years of service or at age 65 and qualify for Teachers Retirement System benefits I’ll get back when I put in regardless and TRS is matching funds after X number of years but I won’t qualify for our full pension unless I put in a certain number of years that just doesn’t sound right to me I don’t love the idea of being dependent on any organization for my wealth at retirement and I don’t like the idea of being stuck within a certain system for a certain number of years my current job is the first one where retirement was even offered to me as I spent the past 10 years in journalism well known for lacking traditional benefits coming from that background I was already used to the idea of being responsible for my financial future and I really like the flexibility of being able to move change careers or possibly being able to retire early that means one simple thing I need to build my wealth independent of my employers plan and the retirement system which means I need to invest savings is so great but it’s very hard to build wealth at 2% or less interest investing has its risks but is historically a great builder of wealth over the decades I’m currently contributing 7 points percent pre-tax of my main jobs income to a teachers retirement account which they match to a certain point and another percent into a Roth IRA which is post tax and I set that account up myself I’m also experimenting with some other small percentages of my income and investing in various stocks bonds ETS and mutual funds through various Robo advisors and sites like Robin Hood and acorns which I’ll get into later if you guys want more on all that as I master it and have advice packed with facts and experience to give so what are Robo advisors for the bulk of my investing I’ve chosen to use primarily Robo advisors which are online services that use computer algorithms to build and manage your investment portfolio they require a very little human interaction score and you set your risk preferences time you plan to invest and other preferences and the computer builds the rest they’re great when you want help choosing investments and managing your portfolio but don’t have the knowledge to do it yourself personally I have no interest in picking and purchasing a lot of single stocks and bonds nor the knowledge to make that a wise choice for me at the same time I do not want to pay to hire a personal financial advisor okay a human who does have the knowledge to pick my investments because they’re expensive as heck some personal financial advisors charge an annual fee plus a percentage of your assets that they manage and the medium is around 1% but it can range higher for small accounts or lower for big ones I talked to one who wanted to charge me 5% some advisors now require that new clients have a balance of a quarter million dollars to begin with don’t got that but you can also find financial advisors that charge a flat rate or hourly fee on the other hand Robo visors charge fees from percent two point eight nine percent of the amount managed so for the beginner investor with smaller amounts of money to invest Robo advisors make a lot of financial sense especially if you have 20 plus years to invest like I do have a simple portfolio and not of investment knowledge check check check a check for me there are also a lot of them some of the big names include betterment wealth front wealth simple L vest etc they all have different fees and risk preferences and account minimums but are all good option they also all invest in slightly different things so mutual funds ETS stocks bonds etc so how do you start investing and how do you know how to start first off learn from my mistake I spent months procrastinating on investment I was trying to learn everything I possibly could about everything that has to do with investing which is impossible I fell prey to decision fatigue information overload imposter syndrome and a couple other things before I figured something out and that is one of the best ways to learn about investing is to invest in something seriously a lot of things became very clear once I opened a couple of accounts deposited some small amounts and just watched them suddenly stuff all the stuff that I’ve read clicked and I was an investor it doesn’t matter if I know everything no one can don’t try to learn everything it’s futile and as it gives my basic instincts but it’s true a quick note I do not recommend investing while you’re in debt my personal financial strategy was to pay off all of my debt save an emergency fund and then invest to build wealth if I lose my short investing I have no debt an emergency fund to fall back on and I’ll be ok it’s also very unlikely that I will lose all my money investment even if there was another stock Murphy crash as I’ve diversified my portfolio and I’m a fairly cautious person also if you would guessed I absolutely do not recommend taking on debt to invest that’s about the dumbest thing you could do once you’ve chosen one or a couple low fee places to invest do it it’s seriously the best way to learn and it’s actually a lot of fun especially compared to watching your savings accounts grow at a paltry one to two percent it’s so cool if you’re so scared to pull the trigger another recommendation I have is to watch how other people’s money does there is a whole community of financial bloggers and youtubers who track investments and put those numbers out into the universe so if you’re interested in seeing how their money does in any particular place that info is available I do know that that can also seem a little intimidating especially when you may not see how much the blogger or vlogger is contributing also as you don’t have skin in the game for other people’s investments that can get a little tedious see information overload and it also leads to procrastinating but huzzah my friend and youtuber Jeff Rose is leading an online challenge this year that makes it crazy easy to compare how investing in the different platforms stacks up in the Gerudo challenge a group of bloggers and vloggers invested $1,000 at the beginning of the year in whatever platform they chose and are tracking it through to 2020 these investors including me will show you how different investment plans and rowboat visors as well as their associated fees stack up throughout the year and in the same market and time frame because we’re not continuing to invest after the original thousand dollars it will be very clear how the different choices that we make and the market effect our original investment I absolutely love an even playing field and clear results from my part in the challenge I worked with the Robo advisor L vest and you can see how I chose them how I allocated my funds and how my investment is doing in the video that I will link down below in the meantime I encourage you to pull the trigger and invest if you’re debt-free and in that stage of your money journey use one of the platforms my fellow challengers is using or mine or even one that you find yourself you can always pull your money out and try something different if you don’t like it but I promise you you’ll learn a lot more actually investing than researching it to death check out the other participants below I’m especially interested in watching Justine from debt-free Millennials as investment she’s using betterment which is a Robo advisor with an identical fee structure to LMS which is what I’m using but her allocations are vastly different so far she’s killing me in returns but we have a whole year less I would love to know what are you investing in this year do you have an employer match retirement account a Roth IRA or other investing accounts and what do you want to learn more about this space because I’d love to provide some of that information for you this has been a really fun thing for me to play with and I feel so much more adult now and like I have a grasp of this world that I had no idea about before and wasn’t prepared to be in but I’m glad that I finally pulled that trigger so thank you so much for watching I hope you learned a little bit about investing in general and what Robo advisors are and why you might want to use them this video is not sponsored in any way but if you would like to check out the video the other video that I did for the grow you know challenge that one is sponsored by Ella best and there is a code for some free money if you want to invest with them thank you guys so much for watching and if you liked learning more about investing I would love it if you hit that like button and if you’d like to learn more about managing your money paying off debt or building wealth to live your best life I’d love if you subscribed it really helps my channel so much and encourages me that I’m not just sitting in a room talking to a camera I am actually helping people alright I’ll see you guys next time

What exactly am I doing for investing and where should someone starting from zero begin?
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