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Best Forex Strategy – NO.1 SUCCESS STRATEGY

Hi today I’m going to talk about the one thing the very thing that you need to do in order to be successful in forex trading hi my name is Ezekiel Chew and this video is something that I would say most traders out there they don’t do this right I’d like to focus a lot on the mental game the overall picture game in in accordance to actual trading yourself actual trading by all means isn’t that difficult. There are so many strategies out there that works, you see there are strategies out there like for example I give let’s see the simple moving and breaking moving average crossing so for example one is going there on there one moving average is going up one is going there and then the moment when it crosses that’s where people go for a sell or for a buy that’s one strategy and as a matter of fact a lot of main forex trading strategies of it are based on the moving average strategy how simple is that so trading if you are already profitable let me tell you this there is more than just strategies it is about the bigger game is about the mental game and there’s no reason why I focus a lot on the big picture a lot of the mental game a lot of the business system behind trading yourself so in this session today I’m going to talk about the very thing that you need to do is probably one ninety percent of traders are they don’t do and that’s also probably the reason why they aren’t making of an even reaching the profitable mark at trading itself so let’s look here.

The first thing that I’m gonna keep this video real short because this is nothing complicated but this is something that trust me if you do it you will be on the right track become successful rather that just learning another strategy that you just learn online and then realizing that hey it may or may not really work and then finding another another another and then this will be an endless game eventually will be out of forex trading so stop doing that do this instead alright the first thing I want to do is identify a strategy that you will want to start, there are so many strategies of them I myself do trade a couple of strategies, at least 5,6 strategies or so but I do that is because I have in the way mastered or have gained confidence or know that I am profitable or I found success in one strategy before moving on to the next and the next and the next..

But a lot of traders when they dive in, they try this strategy, that strategy this strategy.. that strategy.. at the end of the day, they don’t really know which strategy exactly made them money so just do one thing for now focus on one strategy that you think work and then that suits your trading personality, your trading style, your trading timeframe, alright so find one. just one. Not 1..2..or 3.. right next, choose the pair that you think this strategy that you’ve chosen works best I myself trde and look at 20 over pairs.. including gold, silver, commodities, stocks, bitcoins, ethereum and of course all of the forex pairs but I do that is because and why some traders do that, is because they have gained confidence and they have done this step first but let me tell you if you stray into the wild and you look at so many pairs..

Right at the start especially when you are at the first 1, 2 years of your trading. you’re gonna get lost in this jungle, different pairs have different characteristics. It’s as simple as that nobody’s the same. You and me are different, me and another friend is different even you and your twins is different so there’s not two pairs that works exactly the same. Therefore in order for you to start, focus on one strategy and choose one pair.

Just one. Focus on one strategy and choose one pair that you think the strategy works best on the pair itself and when you have selected that, it’s time to do.. the.. BACKTEST Forex trading is not a get-rich-quick game. If you aren’t willing to put time and effort into understanding and study the strategy and practicing the strategy onto this very specific pair that you’ve chosen again and again and again.. how do you know that you will be successful when you trade this strategy live It may wrok on your friends, the strategy may work with the friends, even work with the person that you’re learning from. but how do you know it will work for you? You see.. nobody trades the same way. coming from someone who have taught thousands of people I know that nobody trades the same way differently people has different personalities. put a group of 100 people together you find them most of the time if not all the time everybody enter on different trades at different timing, at different pairs.. Even if they learn the same strategy it’s the entries are different, the lot size is different the exit is different, the trade management is different.

The feeling that they get when you enter the trade is different. so so nobody is the same therefore ignore that you’ve worked for others, you need to know that it has to work for you. therefore you need to backtest and that that’s how you know this strategy on that pair. for example let’s say you are testing the crossing of the moving average strategy which is one of the easiest strategy on one pair. example the usd/jpy and choose the time frame, choose the time frame.

Let add .. on this time frame. Don’t stray on the timeframe. if you think this strategy works best on the 1 hour, focus on the 1 hour. it works best on the 4 hour, focus on the 4 hour. Or if it works best on the 30-minute, focus on the 30 minute. etc focus on one time frame and then you Back Test. As long as it goes I have students who back pass the whole strategy that I teach them for 30 years. You got it right! 30! Meaning they zoom back the charts again and again and for example if some charts, we can’t zoom back so long well it’s alright. Zoom back 10 yrs, at the 1 hour, zoom back 10 years for the 4 hour, zoom back 10 years at the daily. Keep practicing practicing and testing and testing in testing very soon you would know and through this you will gain the confidence that you can use that you think that, after backtesting for 10 years and doing actual proper journaling.

For example I will scroll back 10 years and on your keyboard there is this F12 button this is where you will go on the mt4, you will go bar by bar by bar Go try it out. Simulate that. this is the actual trading.. if you feel that it is actual. It is actual! Go bar by bar by bar by press the F12 chart and then as the chart goes along, spot the setup that you will want to enter. in that specific pair. back test it for ten years. backtest it for ten years and if after ten years, you find yourself profitable. then.. let me tell you. You are damn ready to go! and if you aren’t. then go and test this for another 10 years. Don’t enter on another setup. If you decided it’s the crossing of the moving average only trade that.. don’t trade the double top that you see don’t trade the heads and shoulders that you see..

Etc. No.. Understand why it worked understand why certain trades was a win understand why several trades was was a loss.. restart the 10 years again once you have jot down all those notes. why certain strategy. I should have entered on this trade.. because of so and so and so.. Yes this trade i entered was good because of so and so and so.. and then after that restart the 10 years again. see if you’re more profitable on the second round and then on the 3rd round, then on the 4th round By doing that, then start to go live going live with confidence because you have analyzed that pair, the same pair that you have gone live for the last 10 years The same pair on that strategy for the last 10 years so how many years of experience do you have on that strategy? on that pair? ten years..

I hope you liked this video this is what I teach in my own forex trading academy if you like what I teach head on to where I share the whole trading system that I have personally use inside there are strategies from beginner to intermediate to advanced all the way to expert level this is something that I truly hope that I can contribute back to the community and this is something that I would feel aid on..

when you are stepping into this wilderness of forex trading with so many concepts to be taught this is what I think actually works.. see you on the next video. I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode do leave a comment below and let me know what you think and it will be really awesome if you give a thumbs up button so I release new videos like this every Monday and if you enjoyed it do hit the subscribe button so you’ll be instantly notified once I release a new episode. See you on the next video! .

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