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Forex trading strategy to make $1 million from $500 in 3 years of forex trading.

In this video I want to prove to you that it’s possible to earn 1 million trading Forex and I want to show you as well how to do that starting with as little as 500 so to do that you will need a write system proper money management and proper mindset so your system needs to be something that gives you winning trades every day that will allow you to reach your everyday target so it has to be system with let’s say 90% accuracy 90% of of winning trades so you can be sure that you’ve got your target reached every day but as well the signals need to appear every day for this to happen it cannot be a long-term system that the signals appear every few days or weeks has to be something that gives you everyday signal and every day a target so for the target in the system that I’m teaching because as you probably know I’ve got my workshop online workshops which you are more than welcome to attend where I’m teaching the proper strategy and 90% and winning trades scalping strategy but of course you don’t need to use this one if you’ve got something similar this video is about using na and strategies which can give you the results I’m talking about so in my strategy the goal is to go for as little as 10 pips so everyone can do that it’s not much than peeps is like like nothing is like small percentage of world market does every day it does like hundreds hundreds of peeps on different instruments every day and with the proper strategies everyone is able to to get these ten peeps out of the market and therefore reach the reach the target so another thing is the proper money management which is not enough that you’ve got the winning trades every day you need to know how to manage your money properly so the thing is that you are aiming to gain one percent of your account every day so today using your account is five hundred and you’re going to go for one percent so it’s five can be dollars it can be pounds whatever next day you’ve got five hundred five so you’re not going for five you’re going for one percent for five hundred five so that will be five point zero five and so on and so on and this is called compound interest let’s go to Wikipedia which says that compound interest is interest added to the principle of a deposit so our 500 or long so that the Edit interest also earns interest from then on so this is the beauty of this money management that you are not stuck all the time with this 500 and making percentage out of it you are raising your trades every day and you find yourself in time having 1 million at your bank account and I will show you in a second how exactly is going to happen so let’s see how the formula itself looks like so we’ve got the S which is the value after the period P period two periods a principal amount so that’s that’s what we are actually looking for this is unknown for us DP this is our principal mo so this is our 500 and our is an annual nominal interest rate so we’ve got not annual but we’ve got daily that would be a 1% and the divided by number of of times the interest is compounded a period but we will do that rule the daily so we will just have here a so that’s going to be just our 1% and then number of times interest is compounded per year so the N will be a 260 in our case because we don’t have 306 we’ve got three set 365 days in here but we don’t trade a every day we trade five days a year which is 50/50 two weeks time five it’s 260 and again and stay just one so let’s go back to our calculator and let’s see how much money we’re gonna earn after one year of trading so starting with 500 we need to multiply that by 1 0 1 and this ^ 200 260 so this is our 500 times 1% every day for 260 days and we’ve got six thousand six hundred forty five and you might think okay so I need to spend like four year to 6,600 for not even just – 500 because 500 is already given at the beginning and you might think that this is not worth doing the job and of course the beginnings are always hard so the beginning you need to be very patient because it’s like a snowball it’s going very slow and after two hundred sixty sixty trade you’ve got an income that you that you can go and earn in one month probably in your job but let’s see what’s gonna happen when we do the same for another year so second year we start already with the 6645 so this is our previous 500 and now we multiply that by again you’ve one point zero one so that’s our 1% and we’ll be doing that for another year two hundred sixty days and I know that some of you think that I gave one here it’s 6600 after two years and when I have one thirteen hundred thirteen thousand thirteen thousand pounds but look at that it’s 88 thousand three hundred twenty five and that’s when it started to be interesting because now after two years you’ve got eighty eight thousand which is forty four thousand a year which is not so bad and the third year of course not starting with five hundred and Molly not starting with six thousand your bank account is a thousand a I mean eighty eight thousand so now I’m going to do the same trick and keep on keep on trading every day there’s no rest keep trading for another two hundred sixty days and that’s how we become millionaires so starting with five hundreds using the math you can become a millionaire just trading wisely I just proved that to you this is completely possible but of course it’s simple but it’s not easy to do because there is a lot of things as I said at the beginning you need to have a right system proper money management which I just show you how to do it and the proper mindset so you click discipline to to be there every day to trade every day of course you can have days off the little five days of the losing trade including that it’s just gonna come your million is going to come later and maybe at the beginning you want go nah you’re not going to be so successful at the beginning so you need to practice and some demo account some smaller numbers at the beginning and once you know that the system works properly that you are reaching your target every day then you can start counting you can start putting this 1% into work and start making your money of course if you start with more than one that 500 you wanna reach your your target quicker and so the more money you’ve got you can add you can keep still keep working your ad your job or whatever you do now and keep saving money keep adding to the account so it’s growing faster so you don’t need to wait the whole year to have six thousand you can start straightaway with with over six thousand that’s your savings instead of 60,000 then it will be much quicker but the beauty of starting with 500 or like small amount of money is that it doesn’t scare you if you have got the losing track or even like winning treatment group when the money is going up is going down during the trade you not afraid because it’s small numbers it’s like one pound two pounds five pounds at the beginning so it’s literally you don’t care really for this for this mo amount of money if you lose it if you move on there is another day another trade dependence it’s okay and if you have started with big numbers then this yours your mind start like freak out you might be thinking that oh my god already – 1000 and you might not be able to cope with that but starting in little you just added a little bit a little bit a little bit every every single day and you don’t realize when you start making a really good money so for those of you who already been assist them and can see that system works but they just didn’t have the proper money management do you know about the compound interest formula that it can work its magic this way start using it but for those of you who are either looking for some system or they don’t know anything about Forex they want to learn or they got system but it doesn’t really work or they would like to another system on top of that so the chances are higher I would love to invite you to to my workshops to attend my two weeks course it’s very intense course we were going to trade two hours a day we talked about psychology of trading we talked about a few proven strategies a one in particular the one that I’m referring to this video this 90% of winning trades which is a really really really good one I used that for a long time and I just want to share with people so if you think like this is something that you would like to do just drop me an email and say we will take you from there

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Forex trading strategy to make $1 million from $500 in 3 years of forex trading.
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In this video you will learn how to trade to become a millionaire within few years time without investing much of your money.
I’ll show you forex trading strategy that will make you confident and allow you to trade market with big lots so you won’t need a lot of pips to win the game.
With just 10 pips a day you can rich financial goals of your dreams.

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