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Stash App after 1 year of investing. How to Invest in the stock market.

My stash and after one year of investing what up YouTube is your boy Jermaine back another video and in this video we’re gonna talk about the stash here we go once you sign in the first page you go to is your portfolio page or I guess you could go to the home page but the home page really doesn’t have that much stuff here just has you know recommendations and stuff like that so we’re going to go into the portfolio page and I’ve had this account for roughly a year I have you know invested like 100 bucks 200 bucks a week some weeks I you know didn’t invest anything other weeks I invested a little bit more total return is $145 and 54 cents I mean come on you’re not gonna get rich off for this but this is better than not saving anything and also total return for percentage was is 5.40% not bad not bad I mean if you had your money sitting in the bank you would get less than one percent so that’s that’s five percent and enough you know I actually have the cash that I saved up to if we scroll down here you’ll see stash cash I’m available to use you see a balance here and you also see a different a balance available to withdraw I believe that there’s a difference between these two amounts because I’m a couple days ago I like souls and shares but then I also bought some shares at the same time so I think it takes like a couple days to process the seller that sort of an now if we scroll down you will see the investments that I’m holding now unlike Robin Hood where you invest in one particular company like you purchase stock in Apple you purchase stock in Google well on stash you know but you don’t purchase stock in one particular company these are pretty much like ETFs like you know there’s own groups of stocks listed together the first one here robotics Verizon we only clip on this one and as you can see the current value is five hundred fifty five dollars and eighty six number of shares is 15 over 15 and shares here um now if we scroll down the average price for one particular share and this ETF is thirty three dollars and fifty four cents for example let’s say Google is trading a $800 $900 a share or if you don’t have knowledge dollars you can’t purchase that share of Google on the Robinhood platform however with stache’ if you found a ETF that had exposure to Google you know you could purchase $25 worth on that ETF and you can have a very very small sliver of Google now this is the first one we’re gonna keep going down the next one I’m investing in is defending America here this is a lot of companies that have a lot to do with air defense in our plans and stuff like that as we can see we have on Boeing one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world then we have companies like a Lockheed Martin they specialize in you know war planes and missiles and stuff like that whenever our country is going to war these are great companies to invest in so there’s a couple more companies on here I’m not gonna get into what they do but a lot of these companies are all about like war and building stuff to fight basically um that it’s defending America and when you come over to this page you can see I’m defending America I’ve invested $350 and this ETF is about 14% of my stash account and I’ve made a total return of nine point sixty percent on you know holding you know money into defending America and then if we continue to scroll down we see blue chips this is an ETF that’s full of blue chips so if we click on this one the first company we see here is Apple computer company and then follow Microsoft Amazon I don’t know why they put Amazon here for blue chip companies because Amazon it’s not technically a blue chip company but I guess they’re getting so big that you can almost come up call them a blue chip company if if you guys disagree with me if if you think Emmons is a blue chip company definitely you know put it in the comments below but I didn’t I wouldn’t consider Amazon the blue chip company they don’t pay a dividend majority of these other companies on this list pay dividends Facebook they don’t pay a dividend and Facebook would not be considered a blue chip company but once again some of these these Takashi’s Bay Area tech companies are getting so big that you almost can’t call them a blue chip company and down below we see alphabet and they’re technically they don’t pay a dividend and they don’t really seem like a blue chip company but once again these companies are getting massive yo that’s all in blue chips here and we keep scrolling down what are the world this one has what over the world they invest in companies that that has something into a water technology either if it’s some for like green energy like you they’ve these companies are like figuring out ways to create energy using water or these companies are doing something with water and I did not want to leave what are the world hanging so I invested just a little bit in water the world not that much and then if we continue to scroll down American invaders we have some Moritz this is another one that has more exposure to Apple Microsoft Facebook Google whenever you see alphabet alphabet is is Google I’m a couple years ago late they split their stock price and they changed their name and as you can see there is a bet the first one is Class A well the first one is Class C the second is Class A I believe Class C has voting rights in Class A doesn’t also believe that our only own class a and not C and then there’s also visa underneath visa I don’t know if you guys have ever heard but you probably have a Visa card in your wallet there’s other couple couple other companies on Intel Cisco Oracle and IBM these are all you know big tech companies actually majority of this list is tech companies except for what these visas not really a tech company you know we scroll down the list roll with the Buffett now this was one that I was investing in quite a bit when I first started with my stash account but since then I’ve been pulling money out of rolling with the Buffett and I’ve been putting it more into like you know defense and no dividends and blue chip companies because I see that the return is just a little bit better than what you wake it on rolling with the Buffett and we click on some of these companies that are rolling with the Buffett um we really don’t see any companies except for Berkshire Hathaway Class B and Berkshire Hathaway if you wanted to invest in this company just just if you want to buy a share that would cost you well over $100,000 to bar one share of Berkshire Hathaway it’s this company that Warren Buffett owns and this company is very very pricey to invest in so if you want to invest in Berkshire Hathaway I really recommend you use the stash after because it’s one way you can do it if you don’t have you know a couple hundred thousand dollars laying around to park what’s rolling with the Buffett and if we scroll down here I have 4% of my stash I count and park my cash this is just um these are just like um really safe like funds that you can just park your money into um if it usually doesn’t fluctuate that much but as you can tell I don’t have a lot of money in this particular ETF just because like I say it really doesn’t fluctuate much it doesn’t functionally much at all we go back out and then um public works I did so a hundred bucks and the public works just to diversify over time I’ll definitely pour more and more money into public works but for now that’s enough for public works and then we are going to go down and to aggress and mix so aggressive mixes you know what it is it’s just it’s an aggressive mix these are a bunch of iShares you are basically invested in these all over the board like well the sp500 ETF 30% of this aggressive mix is the S&P 500 that’s quite a bit and then you also have some international exposure here here’s a Europe and I guess that’s about the only international exposure you got here yeah that’s about it US Treasury bonds if you guys want to invest in US Treasury bonds I think nowadays more people are investing in this thing called Bitcoin instead of US Treasury bonds and then Margaret mix which I have less than 1% of my stash account here because it’s modern man wants to invest in conservative companies I guess if you are older than older and you want to be more conservative with your money these are the companies to invest in but if you’re younger you don’t really have to invest in conservative companies as much because you have a little bit more time to rebound when you’re younger but just to throw that out there and now this is my stash account after one year one year um now I haven’t aggressively thrown money into this – account because I have like maybe like eight other accounts that are similar to this account so I try to like put money in this one year and put money in that one here so I can see them grow now the whole goal behind this stash account is to hit around $20,000 with the stash account and then that way I’ll cash out the money and I will use the money to on my first investment property in my hometown so that’s pretty much the plan with this account I’m not trying to you know grow it really fast because I can said I have a handful of other accounts but now I know $20,000 seem like a lot of money because over the past year it’s only hit 2,800 but in the future I plan to do a challenge with the stash account you know say four thousand dollars in a month say five thousand dollars in a month now that is my stash account last year now if you guys want to see more videos like this me showing my stache now or me Sean my Robin Hood account definitely let me know in the comment below and if you guys want to see a video compare and contrast Robin Hood versus – what I don’t like about the – what I love about the – if this video gets out 200 likes I’ll definitely make that video this week but for now yo thanks a lot for watching like comment and subscribe if you haven’t already subscribed and happy investing everyone

Stash App after 1 year of investing. How to Invest in the stock market.

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