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The Process Behind Making $1,000 In A Day Trading Penny Stocks

Hey Tim Sykes here it is the weekend I hope you’re having a good one but I want to get you thinking about the stock market again preparing for the upcoming week I think there’s a lot of lessons from this play PD that I’m about to go over I made some good profits and more than just the profits I made some really perfect commentary on Friday but before I get to that I want to tell you look early bird pricing is now available for the trader and investor summit this is my 10th annual conference is pretty crazy that’s why I have this crazy face in this video September 29th through October 1st in Orlando if you go to trader and investor summit calm or click the link just below this video I’ll post it you can enter your email and you join the early bird list this is where you can save 70% plus trust me this conference will sell out by August 1st it sells out every year it’s actually selling out quicker every year because you know it’s not just me we actually have several millionaire traders teaching and trading live and it is great to you know just meet the whole community and meet everyone in person and see that we’re real unlike a lot of these fakers on social media who just post a screenshot here or there and they claim to be you know magically rich we show every single trade and you know I don’t mean to bring any negativity into this but you got to be real in this industry and I’m so proud to have now been trading for 20 years teaching for ten years and I already have five millionaire students in case you didn’t realize I want more I have dozens of students who are earning six figures but the key is seven figures that gets you the ability to really work from anywhere and you know I’m actually hanging out with timber Thani the next two weeks my top student he just passed six point five million dollars in profits now in seven years doesn’t sound like a lot but you know he’s making now one hundred two hundred thousand sometimes even five hundred thousand dollars per month because he studied because he went through the process and because he traded live with me you know that’s what this whole thing is Orlando is great you know you learn we meet each other I’ll take photos with you it’s cool to put you know faces to names but we trade live and the stuff that you learn on Saturday and Sunday can be applied on one day and a lot of people who’ve come to past conferences usually made back like all the money that they spend on the conference and the travel and everything and they can make it back one time sometimes two times or even three times over and you get the information in the knowledge going forward I can’t promise you that there’s always gonna be a great trade on that Monday but it is that possibility and it’s pretty awesome to learn so enter your email using the link just below this video or go to trader in investor summit com please don’t make me repeat myself so many of you guys are gonna ignore this and then you’re gonna wait and then it’s gonna sell out and you’re gonna be like Tim I meant to trust me don’t procrastinate this will sell out quicker than you imagine we’re pretty crazy right now because I have the most successful students and because it plays like this PE d you know we have so many freaking hot penny stocks lately G Evo has been great for Long’s and shorts in the past few days huge run up huge run down GPR was another recent one but PE D was my play on Friday you guys really need to get into my chatroom here’s my trade I made about a thousand bucks nearly ten percent that’s cool but more important than the money you know I really really called it well and this is why I’m saying get in the chatroom because more than just the trade alerts you know you get my commentary and you know I’m talking about multiple stocks that you know I might trade or that I’m watching you know here I say PE D you know trying to come back peedee peedee cut back to the 270’s making another run at three but i won’t chase scary enough then here at I say I’d be selling now if I hadn’t sold already this is near best-case scenario for a respite you know three minutes later back to the two 70s I’m also watching a bi hell then you know ten minutes later down to the two 50s and then you know 20 minutes later PE d destruction so literally called it almost to a tee I think what was the day hi let me see this the day hi was and I was saying you know this kind of double top at 3 ish I got out in the 2 I got in pretty nicely right in here in the spike before you know it in late day yes some people are like yeah Tim is spiked after hours I’m not worried so much about After Hours action it’s you know less volume I don’t know if the after-hours action is gonna hold into Monday for me this Friday morning spike is everything if you watch my video lessons if you watch my DVDs you know that I love Friday morning Spike’s this was a classy Friday morning spike but when it had this double top here at 3 ish you know that was the exact same resistance level as Thursday when it tried to make a bounce so forget about just this being a double top this is a quadruple top you have to look back a day too many of you guys don’t look back at past support or past resistance so you don’t know really what’s going on it is imperative that you look at multiple time frames it’s imperative that you look back at you know multiple charts and looking at the the ways that they spike in in many different forms so that way you can you know make the best educated decision a lot of people were in the chat room you’re like how did you know right here I you know 305 now I’d be selling now if I hadn’t sold already I had already sold at that point at 290 but again for me it’s not just about the trade that I make remember I trade with such a small ass account in order to teach you to show you exactly what you need to do to make five hundred or a thousand dollars here or there but I’m also always watching the stock after I sell after I exit because frankly I want to see was i right could I have been more aggressive in my lungs was i right and in taking profits and then this one you know I could have made another 10 or 15 cents a share but I like playing it safe you know I had achieved my goal this was a scary stock it was a respite on a Friday so you know often times Reese pikes don’t really do as much as you think they’re not the initial spikes it’s more just like a Friday short squeeze and to those of you guys asking you know what’s the latest short data is it accurate there is no accurate short data okay short data moves in and out so quickly there’s so many um you know flawed feces regarding like can you predict short squeezes trust me I’ve been in this game decades I’ve seen it all you cannot get access to accurate short data and the cool thing is it doesn’t matter okay you know that Friday mornings these stocks can spike Andry spike and PE D was on my watch list okay so forget about just my commentary read my watch list every day this was my watch list pre market sent pre market Friday morning and I had PE D is one of them and GB R&D fpg all of you on supernovas look for signs of bottoming red to green intraday price action as there are a lot of short sellers writing them down getting cocky with their profits so any one of these could easily bounce and squeeze so in my watchlist I specifically said that these things could bounce and sure enough they did look at gbr real quick GPR was a fantastic spider this one spiked even more than PE d so the two of the biggest winners I had on my watchlist ahead of time then in my commentary in real time before I even traded it I’m alerting it then I do alert it when I’m trading it and I sold too soon and PE D kept going after I sold a lot of people say oh Tim you know you pump up these stocks the stock went higher okay I sold and it went higher because you also had to remember there’s a lot of short sellers and they really think that like I don’t know what I’m doing there’s a lot of short sellers or like Oh Tim you made all your money in the tech bubble of 99 in 2000 they don’t realize that my best trading year was 2014 I made nearly a million dollars and ever since then I’ve been trading with a small account specifically in order to teach the patterns haven’t changed I haven’t changed I’m actually doing better than ever if you look at my win-loss ratio and how well I’m protecting but no matter that guess what I have a lot of people who like to short sell my picks and it’s kind of funny to watch when I sell a stock and a stock goes higher and they’re all like oh so I was right so I don’t care I’m not gonna be right all the time you can do whatever you want I wouldn’t follow my picks I wouldn’t sell my picks I want you to learn from my picks this is why I do the watchlist in the commentary and the alerts are the least in the watchlist sets up potential trades the commentary is real-time so that you can really see which trades I’m honing in on and then the alerts help me show what stocks I’m actually trading it is a great process it’s not just about follow the leader I know there’s too many chat rooms where they buy and sell within seconds lukayla I made $5,000 in five seconds yeah cuz you told your whole chatroom to buy they bought and then you sold okay I don’t want you following anybody’s place I don’t want you following the leader that’s BS okay ignore me if you want follow whatever leader you want but trust me if you want to be my next millionaire student you’ll follow my instructions don’t follow other people’s picks learn from them that’s why when I give a play you know other chat rooms say like Oh bought this ticker at this price I don’t do that I actually write out a whole freaking explanation because hey I don’t want you following my pace and B it’s the thought process that matters this is how I create millionaire students from scratch it’s the process that’s why it doesn’t matter when I make a thousand dollars or if I took a bigger position in May 2000 or 5000 I made nearly 5 million dollars now I don’t care about making five hundred or a thousand or two thousand I do this to show what you can do with a small account in any money that I make from trading guess what it gets donated to charity so I’m basically just doing this in order to teach you exactly how to do this with real money okay it’s not simulated money either because you know when your paper trading it’s good for education but there’s there’s something missing with the education because it’s not you know real money and you kind of subconsciously know that so I encourage you guys if you’re scared to trade by all means paper trade by all means practice but if you can trade with real money and if you can trade with a small account it’s good to force yourself to try to build up a small account it’s good to be under the PDT rule you shouldn’t be using leverage I know there are some brokers out there oh six to one leverage that’s it’s a trap almost every trader who uses leverage goes bank even the great Jesse Livermore who’s arguably one of the greatest traders of all time guess what you use leverage he went bankrupt he committed suicide so if you want to do that by all means do it but for me I want to focus on safety first I want to show you that you can make small profits in that it can add up to millions of dollars over time as I’ve done it and now several students have done it it’s not a question if I’m gonna have another millionaire student it’s a question of who and when all of my millionaire students are studying their butts off my last two millionaires students have really studied even more than my previous students Stephen ducks he found me on Instagram because he liked my Lamborghini he studied so much we actually thought that he was a hacker he was on her website so much on profit Lee studying DVDs and webinars that’s how addicted he is mark crook my latest millionaire student just passed a million guess what he cat he tagged and categorized all my video lessons he watched them all three times so some of you guys are like I’ve seen all your video lessons I don’t get it or I’ve seen half your video lessons I don’t get it watch them all watch them twice watch them three times watch them five times okay it’s the process that matters not any one trade this was one Friday morning spike there will be other Friday morning spikes are you prepared for this upcoming Friday that’s what this is all about I know some of you guys are like oh there’s no good place today so it sucks no actually when there’s no good place that’s a good day because it gives you more time to study and be better prepared for when they’re our place because sadly when there is a Friday morning spike or whether it’s PE D or gbr which you know was an even bigger spike around Friday you guys are unprepared I’m getting messages what’s a Friday morning Speicher what’s a respite why are you taking a position in this you have to study video lessons DVDs webinars whatever you can get your hands on because I show all of these trades good trades bad trades everything in between and you can learn from them in PE D I call 280 if you’re in the chatroom you know this so I’m pretty proud not just a briefly thousand dollars that I made I’m prouder of the process I’m prouder of calling it from the watch list to the commentary to the alert to the top even after I was out I could not have done this any better and if you do trades like this where you make 10% 8% 5% 10% 15% guess what over and over and over again that’s it that’s all you need in your life and sometimes you’re gonna be wrong but ideally you follow my rule number one and you cut losses quickly anyways there’s a lot to teach I’m gonna go work on my watch list for tomorrow please please please study the video lessons study the DVDs but also if you can attend in person in Orlando September 29th through October 1st enter your email and save 70% plus trust me you are going to love it we have several speakers several millionaire traders we have some surprise guests I’ll explain more as we get closer but trust me you’re not gonna want to miss out I have some some really special surprises planned because again this is my 10th annual conference so it’s time to go big and I am so pumped up by so many successful students lately I want more that’s the rush for me okay I like my office views I like traveling I like donating in my charity but nothing pumps me up more than creating a millionaire from scratch so I’m gonna do every single thing possible and if you come to this conference and if you join my challenge you increase your odds of success that’s it I’ll see you guys in the chat room tomorrow a great great week stay tuned on Tuesday I have some very special stories about some dedicated students it’s going to pump you up even more Cheers

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