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Hey what’s up Tim Sykes here just wanted to give you one last chance to take advantage of our Thanksgiving sale all these newsletters are 30 40 50 even 60 percent off you can scroll down I will post a link just below this video tons of newsletters tons of DVD guides this is all education that’s gonna make you a lot of money if you study it okay I can’t force you to study this is one thing that I’ve learned my top students study a ridiculous amount and I know that we’re all busy some of us are in school some of you guys have jobs but the more that you study the higher your odds of success if there’s one thing that I’ve learned over the years it’s that the key to your future is hidden in the past and I know that might be corny and it might be cliche and I’m sick so you probably don’t even believe me but it’s true and I’m sick because I’m actually in Asia opening up schools medical centers and a soccer stadium if you follow me on Instagram you can see stuff I’m actually at the airport right now heading to my next country I’m doing like five countries in two weeks so there’s a reason why I’m sick it’s because I push myself and I’m a little bit overwhelmed and I just want to be honest with you but that’s my life and my life is this way after frankly 20 years of trading and 20 years of studying nearly every single day I’ve been looking at trends even if I don’t make a trade on the day like today I didn’t make a trade I’m still looking I’m still considering I’m still learning and that is why we made these guides okay it’s not just me it’s also my top students you must watch trading tickers if you haven’t already this is by my top student Tim Burton II who is now taking 1500 and just past five million dollars he actually sent me a text message like two days ago I have to do a blog post this weekend because he made over a hundred thousand dollars on was it like Tuesday and now he’s over five million in profits this is his guide there are roughly what three or four dozen live trades he talks a lot about promoters about patterns that have worked in the past they might not necessarily work right now you have to look at this stuff as like history lessons some of you guys are history buffs that’s what the stock market is okay the same patterns repeat the same kinds of trends repeat it print forms no Bitcoin is very similar to the marijuana stops which is very similar to the shipping stas which is very similar to the low flow socks in nano tech and biotech a cold and homeland defense every single hot sector has very similar patterns no patterns are exactly alike so it’s not like an exact science I’m not gonna say hey watch this DVD and you’re definitely gonna be my next millionaire but the more that you study the past the better prepared you are for every single trade I made roughly $4,000 the other day sickest in the middle of the night in Asia because I was prepared for a morning dip on GL and NF same pattern that I’ve been trading for two decades and it’s that preparation that made me the money I didn’t even execute it well I took roughly one-fifth of the profits that I could have had I made a little over 10% it actually balanced 50% inside of two hours from my Buy I played it a little too safe I was off a little bit and yet I still made several thousands of dollars that’s one example okay every year I go back with a small amount and I trade with it this year I’ve made roughly two hundred thousand dollars in a few weeks one month actually for now as the time I make this video and January 1st 2018 I’ll return to trading with just 12,000 so that you can see you know how to grow a small account that’s what I do that’s what I teach it’s not about making billions or managing billions and taking you know 2% management fees I tried running a hedge fund I’m not very good at it okay I’m better at growing a small account and you have to know what you’re good at and what you’re bad at I wasn’t terrible I didn’t lose all my money my hedge fund finished up 2% per year over four years nothing great but I broke a lot of rules back then I didn’t have my rules crystallized I didn’t believe in this whole studying I was pretty cocky I was a dumb cocky 23 24 25 year old when I was running my hedge fund and guess what when you’re a dumb young cocky kid you deserve to lose money because you’re not prepared and if you’re too cocky the market will humble you the world will humble you now I’m pretty humble you know I’ve been around the block I’ve been in bear markets I’ve been in bull markets and I can try to teach you everything that I learned the hard way I never had a teacher in the beginning and really cost me even though I made a lot of money I didn’t have my rules really down pat and that’s what led to my downfall so I’m trying to be the mentor everyday to you that I never had I’m trying to teach you the rules that I wish I had known in the beginning and it’s gonna take time to become a millionaire you know a lot of people ask me why do I only have a few millionaire students because most of my students start with like two or three or four thousand dollars it’s not easy to turn two thousand or three thousand into a million although several now have and I have more and more students who are making six-figure shoutout to Roland who’s turned four thousand into over four hundred thousand this year alone he’s been studying seventeen hours a day his two favorite DVDs in case you were wondering was trading tickers and how to make millions and you can ask him about this these two DVDs are presale my goal is to finish them on or by January 1st 2018 I’m sorry that it’s taken a while but the market has really overwhelmed me these past few weeks not to mention my charity projects so I’m working on it every day but I’m a perfectionist I’m not going to release them until I think they’re really useful and I have actually had to scratch or not scratch but change up entire chapters especially on short selling because frankly short selling has changed a lot in the past year so these guides need to be updated and that’s why we still have the the pre sale prices on these but January 1st that’s gonna go up and in roughly 24 48 hours whenever my flight lands I’m like in timezone he’ll now this sale will end so I wanted to give you one last chance to take advantage of it I hope that you do I think it’s good to study I think it’s good to invest in your education and in case you were wondering some people are like you know how to make millions because it all goes to charities like some kind of tax haven no it’s not a tax haven every single dollar I get from how to make millions goes to charity I spent nearly a year making it and I’m very proud that it is now raised over 3 million dollars for charity these two new DVDs actually are also going to charity all my new stuff is going to charity I love growing my charity I want to build over a thousand schools in my lifetime it’s a big big goal but it’s good to have big goals and I’ve so far built 36 schools that are built or in development so I’m I’m close to four percent of the way there and I’m building other stuff too like a Medical Center and a soccer stadium I’m not like oh you need a school every community is different and it’s my honor to try to help communities all over the world in the u.s.

too I have to post this video I went to Houston a few weeks ago worked with the Houston Food Bank donated $25,000 there I’m going to donate more but they’re fantastic all right I got to get going thank you very much .

Go to and to save big on my Thanksgiving sale on newsletters and DVDs…I can’t guarantee you will be my next millionaire student, but I can guarantee you I will teach you every single thing I’ve learned the hard way over the years and that will increase your odds of success!

Stock Tip #1: The key to your future is hidden in your past.

Stock Tip #2: Look at stock trading trends every single day

Stock Tip #3: Never stop learning about stocks. Look at them like history lessons.

The stock market is just like a history lesson, you can look backward to learn about what’s going to happen in the future

Stock Tip #4: No patterns are exactly alike, but the more that you study the past, the more you’ll be prepared for the future

Stock Tip #5: Know what you’re good at and what you’re bad at. Have your stock rules crystalized

Stock Tip #6: If you’re too cocky, the stock market WILL humble you.

I will teach you how to make money with penny stocks and teach you the rules I wish I knew from the beginning.

Most of my students start with 2, 3, 4 thousand dollars into millions.

How to make millions is my millionaire student’s favorite course as well, so check them out! Go to and to save big on my Thanksgiving

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