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Mastering Fibonacci Trading Strategy

New hairstyle younger one no it’s the same hairstyle just there’s no gel so and what younger one I got so much white hair now man alright so how many guys are here for the very first time very first time first webinar with urban Forex Wow okay that’s it there’s a lot of you guys here first time from Toronto okay fourth or fifth okay some of you guys are here for a longest time let’s let’s find out okay where were you guys all from where you guys right now exactly right now where are you guys what country okay Tunisia India South Africa London Malaysia Philippines Canada Bahrain Portugal Moscow Mexico Puerto Rico beer land Slovenia Brazil Oregon Serbia Boston Germany okay whew all right I I think I’ve covered something from each continent that’s good it’s good so this is your family here everyone here is fantastic everyone’s a nice person we’ve never had anyone crazy in our webinars so we’re still crossing our fingers that we don’t have anyone crazy but we are I am extremely happy to have all of you guys here yes everyone from our team is here our mom was here Lucilla’s here Robert is here gary is here so they’re also here you guys can say hello to them let me see if I can find Gary in our list here okay well we have a new teammate Gary you guys will be hearing from him as well Barry is also here Barry is in our elite community he’s our newest member on board now and dave is also dave is also joining us now so we’re going to hit 500 students today we’re at 455 at 500 the room is locked so you guys are the lucky ones who got in so congratulate yourselves and if you guys are drinking cheers Cheers I’m not trying to show you guys that alcohol is the way to go but I do get a chance to only drink with you guys normally I don’t drink so Cheers and I’m glad to have you guys all here now cheers to you guys on Facebook as well so all right orange juice I think it’s a what is it’s called a rosy or something like that drunken master okay so today’s topic is going to be on Fibonacci how many of you guys know wait wait wait wait sorry I need to know first who’s here I need to know at what level are you guys on and pull okay can you please fill that out for me so I know who’s in here okay no vote if you are new but for those of you guys who have some of my courses you guys can let me know where is the cake no cake today no cake today it is this hotel is not very good with desserts I don’t know if it’s a Mauritius thing with a banana banana okay so 117 people from the MPAA 91 people from the four cores bundle and 21 people from the elite community fantastic fantastic welcome welcome and that means over a three hundred and not 350 people of you guys are brand new fantastic welcome and I have a special announcement at the end of today’s webinar I am releasing the next course ok I’m releasing the next course and I’m only going to open it up tonight for the first wave and I’m going to give a special price on it as well let’s stay tuned till the end before I don’t want to take take away the the heat from what is called the Fibonacci webinar so let’s go into this let’s go into this everything is still running and recording all good let’s close this let’s close this let’s turn on the screen sharing yeah because this is a universal universal law of how the markets work sorry how the universe works a lot of people came up to a conclusion that hey maybe this works on Forex as well or trading charts so let’s discuss this a little bit let’s go into the pros and cons and let’s bring out all the MPA students who are in this webinar to hack it and be like I know how to do this better you ready so we’re going to make it interactive a little bit you guys going to see the pros the cons and those of you guys who are in the mastering practicing course you’re going to be like I know how to do this a lot better it’s automatically going to be like boom I know the answer let’s do this okay um the sound keeps cutting out yeah I’m sorry about that I am NOT I’m in Mauritius that Internet’s a bit bad so hopefully just just hang in there it is being recorded should I make it is it that is the volume the volume is okay right yeah everything is recorded everything is recorded so okay so let’s let’s discuss Fibonacci now Fibonacci has this little Fibonacci retracement tool that we all have in our platforms whether you’re using mp4 or you’re using tradingview what type of natural retracement is is you take a swing high and then you take a swing low okay and Fibonacci retracement is going to tell you that the markets are probably going to balance near these these mathematical numbers right which is 23.6% 38.2% 50% and then the golden ratio of six 61.8% now those you guys who have used two Bonacci be honest here what was the main concern you guys have ever had with the Bonacci just because you like it you don’t have to defend it be honest what is the same what is an issue you’ve had with Fibonacci okay not the person the person is fantastic this technique in forex yes which level where to begin exactly okay so this becomes a common common problem now there’s going to be a bunch of gurus out there who we talk about Fibonacci you’re suddenly standing up and saying hey hey hey are you talking about Fibonacci let me show you how to plot 10 – the notches on my screen and I will tell you how this is going to work so they’re going to put one Fibonacci with the next two Bonacci with the next Fibonacci and the next webinar chamber like you see we have confluence okay so so let’s do this now if if I draw from up here as a swing high to down here as a swing low would you say this is a very clean touch of 38% that’s a very accurate touch isn’t it yeah okay so that’s a very accurate if it comes up to 38% and it turns around the trend is down it pulls back to 38 and then it goes down which means hmm if only I put a limit order there I will sell it and I’ll make a lot of money on the way down okay I’m going to choose a different swing high I’m going to use this swing high whoa look how perfect it is on 50% it looks absolutely fantastic okay are we are we at 500 people in the room yes okay you guys are the lucky ones no one else is getting in the room is now officially locked okay so the room is not official a lot so congratulations to all of you guys okay okay so focus let’s focus focus focus all right so we move the swing high we move the swing high and then suddenly from the swing high we see whoa it’s working fantastic at 50% okay it’s working fantastic at 50% but earlier it was working fantastic at 38.2% well so if I continue rating am I supposed to look at 50 or 38% and that’s that’s an unusual question that people ask so what happens with many strategies what they’ll do is okay but we also have to look at how the swing up goes and we can see the extensions and and so on and so forth right they’re like okay if I can just find out how much it retraces I put one Fibonacci on top of another Fibonacci and then I’ll have a better understanding it’s like saying I want to buy but I will also look at it as a sell and then when I’m looking at it in both ways hopefully my brain knows the right answer yeah it’s too complicated it’s too complicated the answer to everything in life is actually simplicity okay is actually simplicity not complex is complexity and is that word I don’t know but we want to keep it simple right okay so let’s understand one thing before I plot a Fibonacci point okay one thing I’m going to teach all of you guys okay before we go into Fibonacci and then we’re going to use Fibonacci together with price action so if you love Fibonacci you soobin actually but I’m going to give you a skill today that you’re going to use with with Fibonacci and you will know that so this is an extract from the mastering price action course all of you guys who are in the course you will you will know this exactly alright here we go I’m going to bring out the whiteboard No okay there we go all right give it a second okay all right I’m going to draw a circle let me know when you guys can see the circle yes there we go okay it’s the holy circle okay all right so I want you guys to focus now what we’re going to be talking about is the rubber band man okay half of you guys already know what is the rubber band man but those of you guys who do not know we’re going to be discussing the rubber band man today okay it’s a very simple technique but it’s very powerful okay it’s a very simple yes that is a leg for those of you who are asking okay and that’s what I use to make money time and time again in trading does that make sense that everyone gets that okay no no I’m just kidding I got I got disconnected all right so let’s go into this right now hold on okay let’s get rid of that holy man maybe it gave us bad luck no more holy man let’s get them out of there okay so now we’re gonna be okay we’re talking about the rubber band man right okay let me let me put this down for you rubber to ease or Bend and okay like I said this is an extract from the NPA course okay and a lot of you guys are students of the NPA course and you guys can just follow along okay so what a rubber band man is every time the market moves right let’s say the market is moving upwards it goes up down up down up down up and everyone’s focus is use Facebook live for sound now everyone’s focus is generally you know just support and resistance and when it goes to support and resistance I’ll buy it you know even to Bonacci traders the whole focus is pull back to support and resistance and I will buy it what you want to be looking at is mr.

Rubberband man now what is a rubberband man okay a rubberband man is an individual okay okay we’re going to give him some nice sunglasses I’m gonna say yeah he’s mr. cool dude right now he just looks like a nerd but anyways so we got mr. rubberband man and imagine there’s a rubber band a around his weight pulling him back okay there you go ninja turtle okay so there’s a rubber band around his waist pulling him back okay so if the markets are going up okay imagine him running this is him running upwards he’s running as fast as he can he’s running upwards and then he reaches this highest point and then he rests now I want you guys to always focus on how much did he run versus how much did he rest think about that all the time then he runs again well he beats his previous record but then now he’s resting how much is he resting now compared to his most recent run yeah 80% 60 70 % is resting a lot and then he runs again would you say he’s got energy absolutely absolutely now what if this is a 61.8% on Fibonacci can we say it’s a sell right now no because it’s too early to take that risk it’s too early to take that risk that the market is clearly telling you that they’re still running the rubber band man still got muscles on his hands and his feet right I don’t know if these are muscles but you guys get the idea he’s got power he’s still running okay now he just looks like he has a disease but anyway you guys get the idea okay so he’s got power and he’s still running and then he rests again okay he runs up again okay what would you say about his last run that he did he cannot even beat his previous record which we call no higher high right in the market we call that no higher high but for that terminology of no higher hi this and I want you to think in terms of this weird pimple man right who he’s running and think like that in H cup okay once he’s done that boom now what what can you tell me about his rest okay yeah he’s done he’s done for he’s cooked he’s finished okay this in the market terminology they call it momentum right okay I don’t want you to think in momentum because market terminologies are generally there to confuse you I want you to think in this weird rubberband man concept and I want you to think if you draw your your line from point A using Fibonacci to point B all the way down to here in Fibonacci I want you to think okay I got my levels of 38 50 61 but I want to see those levels get reacted by Zura verb and man showing me he is failing to go any further and then you have a much better smile on your face because you know that Fibonacci is actually working and then you can go out to every single form out there and saying you see Fibonacci works to a very precision accuracy but until then until you don’t master this thing you can’t say that out loud because when it doesn’t work you’re going to look bad right so Fibonacci with a rubber band man gives you that edge that you need shall we do this on the real charts okay we’re gonna do this on the chart so you guys can see the rubber band man walking upwards versus the rubber band man also going downwards here we’re going to do two different types of tests and I’m going to show you theory on the on the whiteboard and then I’m going to show you practical on the charts okay let’s go into the charts now okay here we go I’m going to take a screenshot from the top point – to the bottom point swing high swing low concept I will take a screenshot of this so we can write on it oh sorry I made a mistake okay here we go I’ll make the charts bigger so you all can see okay I’m just waiting for the screenshot to come up clearly one moment okay yeah can everyone see the screenshot the time frame does not matter for this time frame does not matter for this okay you can make more elaborate strategies using multiple time frames but it’s but it doesn’t matter for this I’m going to draw a circle let me know you guys can see the circle yeah okay all right now of course my screen looks very colorful it almost looks like a great gay pride flag so you know welcome if you guys are in here as well welcome welcome so alright now let’s let’s take a look at this with based on the concepts of different types of retracement okay now we got the let me move this side we got the 50% here we got what is that 20 20 at 38% there we got the 61% here okay I’ll write it out again here’s a 61% here’s the 50% here is a 38% these are the retracements right because people machi talks in retracing he’s like the markets nothing can go in a straight line it must pull back to a certain numerical sequence of the universe and then resume okay so now the market went from up here point a we drew it from point A – we drew it all the way down to point B okay and now what we’re looking at is keeping aware of these levels in our mind and in our screen want to understand how the rubberband man is doing his runs okay so let’s let’s get some concepts first the market starts to take off take off from here he starts to go higher now we’ll get into the part of wait why are you Naveen saying this is where the market takes off going higher versus this we’ll get into that we’ll get into that okay so the market takes off going higher okay what can you guys tell me about this rubberband man guy okay he’s going up full throttle okay go on at full throttle he’s strong it takes a bit of rest okay now this rest that is taking is at the same place where in the past all of his companions have taken a rest but how much rest does he take yeah very small 20% what does that tell you about a string that means he is not willing to let go if he is not willing to let go this numerical sequence over here fails it’s not going to hold at that numerical sequence it’s tried but it’s failing he then goes up to the next level okay is now at now the 38% level and relaxing is at this level how does he go to the next level if he does he go up strong or weak let me remove my arrows he goes are pretty strong in fact he goes up very fast how quickly does he rest yeah instantly it’s almost like there’s no higher high okay in the measuring price action course we call this a probe okay these are some of an important piece which means the market rests here all the time he’s resting here he’s resting here and here it’s like he’s not resting he’s not resting he wants to he looks like he wants to go down but nothing happened and when this goes up what is the public thinking it’s a buy because when arrange breaks out the mind is well I had nothing to do and then when a breakout happens it’s a buy and when the buy happens very very strong the smile gets very large it’s like oh my god I’m going to make so much money on this buy you have no idea okay so everyone start seeing the dollar sign in their eyes a beach house yeah so as the buy happens it reacts off to 38% using the Fibonacci number which is good but then it gets rejected back into the area where all the rests used to happen in the past resting resting resting period which means was his run his last run was that real it was a faker it was a fake okay if that was a fake can you now determine this area right here what is this spot called okay all of you mastering price action students let me see what this price is called money spot yeah which means this is an illusion of people to buy and an illusion for people that it’s an area to sell who wins who wins from the from the illusion of buying and selling at the same place the big boys exactly the big boy which is this guy he will always win the battle okay the money spot illusion spot right all right so the first trade happens there notice you’re trading with Fibonacci you will have an entry price over here but what is your risk your risk is huge because the risk is well I don’t know if it’s if it’s going to work that’s the risk okay if you hit that entry there that’s the risk how do you know if it’s not going to stop there how do you know if it’s going to stop at this price or this price you don’t know and if you don’t know and you’re just trying stuff then it’s more fun to go to a casino at least there’s more shining lights there right so when you when you see this stuff happening and it exit and girls okay it comes down very very strong right you see this area right here it comes on very very strong and then you’re stuck in this money spot area which tells you AHA many people got sucked into the Buy which means this is an important moment to make a decision right our moles like stop advertising casinos guys all right so so we’re looking for a a sell from this area right as a sell kicks in it goes down to the bottom of the range now we have people trading exclusively just in this style of trading now let’s take a look at what happens the next time around okay we’re still going to do more examples don’t worry let’s take a look at what happens the next time around from here he rises up again how does he go up stronger weak strong now previous rest resting point previous resting point previous resting point pre this resting point this time he goes above the resting point just like he did last time but we don’t know yeah he’s like rocky is very strong okay he goes up okay he’s very strong do we know he’s gonna fail at this stage just because he goes up no we don’t know he’s very very strong we need to wait maybe he’s wearing Air Jordans or something some new shoes he’s got power you don’t mess with the guy who has power you wait you wait then he slows down a bit right here and he tries running again yeah mark that’s a very good statement that you just made patience is required we’re gonna touch base on that in a little bit okay what’s the second run do his secondary run that he tries to run up again this one right here it’s weak he barely makes a higher high what happens afterwards he crashes he fails okay now focus very very carefully after his run up we start to see signs of he cannot run up anymore and a sign of he’s resting more than he ran which means he is now coming back and he is resting way more than he ran the amount that mean this guy is out of the game now what is the most important part of this place look very carefully resting point resting point resting point resting point resting point okay now this was a range it broke out of everyone is looking at this as oh my god what a nice pullback to buy right now this buy with the rubber band man theory is telling you that’s not a buyer that’s actually a sell now you have a conformation together with your percentages saying this works very well alongside with what my Fibonacci is telling me I’m not just guessing and putting an entry order thinking that I believe it’s a sell right now and come on baby give me a six you know if we’re not doing that we’re actually hitting a cell a little bit more logically okay we lose a little bit of profit because we’re getting a little bit worse price but it’s a lot safer does that make sense now those of you who do not know the rubberband man theory is this making sense to you guys cannot the MPA students I’m talking about new people good shall we do another example okay we’ll do one or two more examples it will make sense I saw a few knows and maybe is in there we’ll do some more examples yeah okay let’s take an example on the flip side okay let’s do a flip side let’s say for a market that is already buying instead of selling okay let’s do that okay so this is your OCAD so let’s do cadion okay which is going to be the flip side basically okay I’m going to take a Fibonacci from this swing low to this swing high up here and we’re going to say that’s the spot okay all right hopefully this is large enough for all of you guys to see I’m going to make it bigger even more and I’m going to take a screenshot now hope that didn’t come up on my end again there we go circle coming up let me know when you guys can see the circle yes fantastic fantastic fantastic okay okay okay okay ready same concept this is a strategy I am just handing over to you guys I’m sure all the MPA people like hey man why are you giving away my stuff to other people like that I’m sure they’re pissed off but we also have humble students in there so they’re all like okay okay you know you helped me let’s help another guy it’s fine okay so let’s now take a look at this in terms of the rubberband man going downwards imagine now a person is running downwards right so you got your little pimple running this way now okay and he runs from here to here and then he rests a little bit and then he runs again and he beats his record okay so you’re gonna look at it in that concept okay all right yeah and for those of you who have the MPA there’s a good practice so you know share the love share the love okay please don’t share the course just the love absolutely all right all right here we go now we’re looking at this on CAD yen okay looking at this on CAD yen and the markets made a higher high sequence and we’re like oh I can clearly see that is point a and that point B I’m going from swing swing low to swing high okay or from point A to point B okay the most lowest point that I can see to the most highest point and we will see how much of a pullback do we get based on mr.

Fibonacci right okay so we’re looking at this and we’re saying okay give me a guy who’s going to run down now I’m going to give you guys another piece of cool information ready here is the next piece of cool information is the run starting from here or is the run starting from here now this is a confusion that even Mastering Price Action students have I want to ask you that question where is this starting from the first one or second one ah you see everyone who’s watching clearly knows that there is a problem here we all are not on the same page with this okay so let’s let’s talk about this let’s talk about this is very important to to to crack okay what if I did this what if I did this how would you say what is the direction of the market Oh so would you say anyone is selling at all no one is selling if no one is selling then if if no one is selling how are you going to make any money if if everyone’s buying and you also want to buy well who you’re going to make money from right now how do you know when people turn sellers when there is some kind of a panic in the market that breaks the laws of support and resistance supply and demand etc etc etc and people like oh my god it’s a sell and that’s when people start selling that’s when people start putting money into the sell side now you can think about doing the buys again because now there’s logic of there’s money in the sell side so if you do buy someone can sell you the product of CAD yen does that make sense you cannot buy CAD yen from everyone else who’s buying who’s gonna sell you the Cadi yen right keep that thing in mind and the more people that are selling to to you the better the price you’re going to get obviously the discount and you know you’re going to get filled in for sure now obviously in force we don’t have an issue of getting filled in but that’s the logic behind it okay now so stage 2 this is where the rubber band man is starting he’s like here we go here we go I’m all geared up I’ve had my Gatorade I’m gonna start my run he puts on his sneakers ties up his shoelace and he’s doing this he’s running he goes from this highest point to this lowest point he’s like oh man I feel good because he ran super hard and super fast am i right look at the speed of that guy yeah Sonic the Hedgehog yeah he’s going super fast okay now tell me what happens next what happened you know he came back so quickly to rest it’s almost like he saw a ghost it’s like dude did your steroids run out or something are you gonna run anymore what is this why didn’t you come back so quickly this is what you need to think Justin give it a human life don’t think all scandal went down candle went up give it human life you saw his wife okay so give it human life to to understand that the market went down and then it turned around why did it turn around so much so how much of a rest did he do how much of a rest if you do 80 90 % okay that means is 80 90 % mean he’s finished no we still need a little bit of patience we need to find out if he’s finished or not where did that run react from what is that Fibonacci number 50% okay now we’re bringing in some logic into this we’re like oh good Fibonacci is working but I need to know I can’t just buy it from here because I don’t know if that’s going to work but I can’t buy it up here either because he’s not done yet let’s see when he’s done okay let’s continue the market what happens what’s happening to him what would you do at this stage what would you do at this stage knowing that he is he’s rested he’s come back it’s his turn to run again but what is he doing yeah all the languages come in to prepare for buys which means anyone who sold down there in real life is in trouble anyone who sold down there is in trouble right they’re in they’re in trouble it’s almost like they’re not going to get their money back it’s done they’re finished okay now sticking this further okay now what’s all this here what’s all these spikes and stuff happening he’s fighting so if you did do a bye from here okay and then the trade goes up and up and up in your favor you reach till this area but then the trade gets rejected and comes back down what does that tell you about that runner who started from here okay can everyone hear me yeah no yeah okay you can hear me now okay so think about it what does that tell you about that trader over there once you get a movement that goes up and you’re like oh yeah it’s a by now because I see the sellers are not coming in anymore or the rubber band man can’t make it so we do the by-the-by goes up it performs it makes us money but then instantly it comes back down and it closes right there what would you say about the rubber band man guy at that time yeah he’s he’s not done yet he is showing sign of weakness but he’s still around just remember that don’t forget about that guy he didn’t call it quits yet okay we attempted a bi but that by needs to be closed now for a break-even or a small profit because it’s not working he’s still around okay let’s see what he’s got let’s see what he’s gonna do okay let’s move it over a little bit more okay what about now what’s going on with the guy now he ran down how did he run down how many candles did he take the rundown three how many candles did he arrest ah you see the power is still telling you that the seller just can’t do it he just can’t do it he just can’t do it okay now at what point would you take a trade all the signs are telling you this seller is having a really tough time and then this happens what do you think that what do you think that does yeah this might be a little bit difficult first for some of the people I want you to think logically I want you to think in terms of not where would I buy where would I sell I want you to think in terms of what’s happening what is happening that’s the goal yeah this will make more people sell okay this will make more people sell they’ll get into the idea of its breaking all these barriers it’s breaking all the lows okay and then as it comes right back up there it’s like okay we’ve got a money spot again now why is this a money spot because to to these folks they’re looking at it as a sell like for example if you I draw a trend line that’s a sell for them right that’s a sell for them they’re seeing everything going down so quickly it must be a sell to pull back for a sell but we’re looking at it as someone got screwed over here we’re at the bottom of the range I think this is going to be for a buy because a big boy says buy and that’s when you put your odds together and saying OK at this 38.2% only now I can activate my trade not here not here not here only now can I think about doing the buys do you see how long we have to wait before we actually thought about the buy yeah okay so let me remove the screen here okay and here is your following move upwards okay so now in this strategy in this strategy what we’re doing is we’re exploiting Fibonacci’s methods using price action okay again let me ask the question again for those of you guys who do not know the rubberband man concept you guys understand it now we’re looking for how much he runs how much he arrests how much you run how much he rents we’re going to do that constantly constantly but you cannot give up on him until he quits if he’s still around you got to be a little bit cautious okay is it in pips or candles none of those it’s it’s it’s none of those of you you want to look at it like okay if he’s running and then he pulls back you’re looking at the difference between this to this does that make sense and you’re also looking at the power maybe this went up in one candle and this came down in five candles what does that tell you if it’s a one-hour chart it took him one hour to go up but it took him five hours to arrest that means he’s very very strong he still has energy to keep pushing he’s not letting the sellers come in at all yeah does that make sense everyone understand that concept okay when you plot this together with Fibonacci you can see the answer now today a lot of you guys brought this up saying patience it requires patience okay that bring brings me to the next concern with with you guys now going forward everyone who is using Fibonacci please use Fibonacci with a little bit more caution I know using a trade to pinpoint accuracy like this it sounds beautiful that oh my God look at how exactly it came to it pinpoint trading is the most dangerous thing that you can do to yourself it’s almost like doing supply-and-demand your eyes closed you need to have some kind of logic of why is price going there why is price reacting there and we can’t just use a strategy thing because the strategy is said so no no you need to understand why is the big boys chasing the market over there how much people are actually buying and selling and then visually take a look at it are people actually turning to turning to sellers okay so keep these things in mind now so we did talk about patience and that brings me to today’s most important announcement okay I’m going to remove this thing here about the time okay let me get this out of the way now as I’ve mentioned to you guys earlier that today I’m going to be releasing one of my most powerful courses on what type of trader are you now think about it when you’re doing this Fibonacci thing right and the market is pulling back and pulling back and pulling back and pulling back what did you guys think about that can you activate the trade instantly so now take it a step further is this strategy for for people who are aggressive traders not at all is this strategy more for conservative traders you see when you’re when you’re looking for strategies when you’re developing your style of trading you need to know what kind of traitor you are now this is something I did very very exclusively for my one-on-one students every time I teach them a strategy like let’s say I’m teaching them the mastering price action course right and they’re they’re learning dirt or they’re getting it and they’re like trend pullback that’s very nice I see a trend pullback I’m going to buy it fail vini didn’t work for me hey work for me oh well why isn’t it working for you okay I do a range and then it doesn’t work for me but the next guys like that work for me why doesn’t work for you nothing you know it’s not always just strategy but it’s this idea of do you know who you are what kind of person are you in real life what kind of person are you in real life are you a person who is very aggressive are you a person who is conservative are you a person who simply needs confirmation all the time saying okay now it’s a go okay can you pull the trigger do you pull it too quickly you pull it too slowly based on your habits you have a specific strategy for you okay so when I when I built you know when I built this course over the last one week building it and building and building and I wanted to make sure all of you guys can now access this thing so first things I did was reached out to some my one-on-one students and I was like listen man I know you guys have paid you know crazy amounts of money you know upwards of fifteen twenty thirty thousand dollars to come to the one-on-one with me but I have a request that these in this information is very powerful it gave you guys breakthroughs and I wish to do that for on a larger scale I want to give a break break through to all of my students and they were more than happy they’re like okay go ahead that’s fine and you know the key is learning strategy is one thing but you also need to know who you are if you know who you are there is a strategy for you and I’m going to show you what that strategy is for you okay so putting this all together I made a five-week hard core course for you guys trust me it drove me nuts to redo the video and redo the video and redo the video and take notes and take notes like no no scratch that that’s not going to work I need them to listen let’s do it this way let’s do it that way oh my god it took me hours and hours and hours to put this put this together and then I released it to some of my one-on-one students like Lucille and Armel these are you know somebody one on one students but they also work with me now they looked at it they’re like okay this is good this is really really good and I hope you did this for me when I started because you gave me the hard way okay I actually buzzed all of my students in the beginning and when they started with me they’re like okay you know one dazeem teach me how to how to trade okay that’s a very broad question teaching me how to trade okay well before we get into strategy I want to know a little bit more about you and you’re like hell are you talking about it why do you want to know about me what does this have to do with me where’s the strategy let’s talk strategies right on your Frankie what do I do and and that’s what I hate it’s like wait wait you can’t just do do do because you’re gonna do do do fail it’s like you need to do do while understanding are you supposed to do this based on your instinct see if okay I’m gonna ask you all of you guys that’s one question if you’re an aggressive trader are you going to make it in life think about it what do you know about aggressive traders look at all those answers coming in it’s a no no no no way in a way look but the reality is if you accept you’re an aggressive trader trying to break that attitude of being aggressive is not gonna it’s not going to make you successful because trying to break it means you want to remove at least 20 years of garbage from your mind that’s not going to happen but if you accept you’re an aggressive trader and then you are looking for an aggressive strategy you’re going to make it sooner than you think okay so instead of stopping your your intimate nature that who you really are we want to embrace it and saying I know how to make you successful even faster and that’s what I did with the one-on-one student and I think it will be very very helpful for you guys so today is the launch of that course which which is called what type of trader are you we’re going to be going over concepts of like why is this important what are the different types of traders I’m going to make you do exercises that find out who you are and then we’re going to go into stuff like okay now that you know who you are let’s discuss technique and strategy what strategy is for you what idea what ways what kind of strategies do you need to look for how do you do money management according to who you are okay we’re going to do all of that stuff in Detroit it’s a five week course I’ve crunched it down and like I said this was only something I did for the one-on-one students because I thought the average student would not understand because they don’t like psychology so but for one-on-one students I sit down with them live and if I’m sitting with them they will understand the importance of this by looking at my face and be like okay dude I get it so teach me this thing and for the longest time I I never brought this course out because of that reason but now it’s like you know what I don’t want to do a screen sharing I’m going to get up on a whiteboard and I’m going to record everything and I want you to see my face as I tell you how important this is this isn’t a thing you can just brush up and then I’m going to become successful without hacking my mind it’s not going to happen you need to know who you already are I’m not training you anything new you need to know who you already are so this is a course that I’ve built okay how much do you think this course is how much do you think what is the price of trying to show you who you really are to make you successful think about it Ferrari okay just just remember students have paid fifteen thousand dollars all the way up to thirty thousand dollars to be with me in person to get this level of training okay so we got some pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty big woman at pretty big women and reading women something women so we’re getting some pretty big numbers now so we finally price this at 149 for this course we made this 149 it’s five weeks of intense training and homework and everything but but today is the opening day it’s the opening day and I want all of you guys to take advantage of the earlier bird special so I’m offering it for less than $100 I’m marketing for less than $100 and you guys will be able to pick it up today we will then close the doors No one else will be able to pick it up for some time as you guys get through the first wave it’s only available for the diehard fans okay so let me get the link for you guys here okay yeah you guys can see that is that big enough okay sorry with it I’m just make it bigger okay early-bird Quixote is your coupon code to get the early bird special I’m going to keep this up running for 24 hours and once we are you know we’re looking for a maximum of 200 students beyond 200 we’re going to try to try to close the doors so beyond 200 the doors closed and as these are going to be the first phase of people coming in I might even step in sometimes to do some webinars for these guys to be like come on let’s let’s get into a webinar together and let’s hack the brain let’s do it together so there will be some webinars every now and then just like we do NPA webinar just for finding out where do you need to tweak your mind a bit just a bit to make that success that you need so I will look forward to seeing guys in the course and it’s a very very powerful course and like I said everyone has gone through it every employee of mine is required to do that everyone on one student has gone through that day will tell you their life was held I’m going to tell you right now it’s not easy I’m going to tell you that right now it’s not easy but you will if you focus on each week I will get you through it that is my promise okay I will get you through it I will get you through it so there will be homework please do the homeworks in them please please please do the homeworks in them I need to have you have the breakthrough if you participate as much as you can okay the link is here I’ll post the link in the chat as well as sorry okay there you go and you can just type in the early bird special as you guys can see on the screen and you guys can pick up the course it should be 99 or 97 dollars I believe it’s 99 okay I do see suddenly the guys picking it up mr.

Gupta Lars thank you thank you Ahmed thank you I will see you guys in the course aha Mika welcome welcome boys on the run welcome amitaba welcome okay so great great I’m really looking forward to seeing all of you guys in the course and let’s make it a little bit more fun exactly in three weeks time let’s do a webinar together in there and let’s discuss it personally you and me and we’re going to go over well how do you how do you feel now how is your trading now what is your performance like okay we’re going to be discussing that together in three weeks time we’re going to be doing a webinar specifically just for this so I really look forward to getting you all of the guys in there again this is a very very powerful course and I really look forward to getting all of you guys and I leave all the MPA people in there for those of you guys who do not have the matching price section course that is available on our homepage as well so stuff like you’ve learned today for example there right like the rubberband man theory and using it with Fibonacci and stuff like that you know that’s all discussed in the matching price action course even stuff like money spot that we discussed so I hope you guys like the way I teach we’re going to make further progress together every step counts and until next time guys we’re going to stop the webinar right here I’m going to leave the room open for you guys in case you guys need some assistance everyone in the team is here but thank you all for attending and I look forward to seeing you guys in the course and until the next webinar in two weeks time thanks a lot guys haven’t I say cheers

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