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Cryptocurrency Trading – How to Invest in Bitcoin with Binary Options

Hi my dear friends. Imba Trader is here. I haven’t seen you all for a while. I do hope that you are doing just fine and hope that you have more in the money days while trading Binary Options than unfortunate ones. I haven’t posted videos for some time but it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been trading. Actually, I was doing it on a daily basis. I was doing some CFD stuff and some cryptocurrencies. I should say that this is really big at the moment, trading cryptocurrencies on the Binary Options platform. It’s unbeatable. I do personally think that this is just the beginning of this era. It’s always beneficial to get to the piece of pie at the very beginning, because at the end of the day, it’s going to grow and will help you to live the luxury life when you get older.

So let’s get back to what we are here for today. I’m going to set up my platform. I’ll switch to the Candlestick graph 60 seconds period. Let’s add a couple indicators, Bollinger Band with the standard settings and RSI. So the levels I would switch to: 80, 20 because 70, 30 might be too small a corridor. Here, you will see a more precise picture. So 80, 20 and period: 10. Alright just perfect. So let’s do some trades. I’m going to start with the $500 trade for the upwards moment. At this point, it was the best entry point, but I was talking at the moment. So let’s see how it goes. There are 40 seconds left until the expiration. I’m trading bitcoin today. So what I like in the current platform is that most of them are sophisticated enough where you can buy stocks, you can do Forex and cryptocurrencies trading, and all within the same dashboard. So if you want to try trading on this platform, on Expert Option, just go ahead and check out the link in the description.

You can go ahead and try trading on the demo account. You don’t even need to enter your email address. You can trade virtual money on the real market just within like two clicks. So my first trade didn’t go through. I do see – so what I’m going to do, I’m going to apply the Martingale strategy, double my trade to 1000 bucks and make a trade in the same direction. So why I made this choice, you see how the lower RSI line was breached here, it means that the asset is oversold and the price should start growing.

At the same time, the lower Bollinger Band was breached here. So I do have two indicators showing me – and also, it was the third one is – this is basically the support line over here. That’s why it was obvious that the price should start going up. So we got our $1900 profit. Let’s see what else we can do here. So probably I would switch to like 750 trades and go for the downwards movement. So the overall trend over here, the trend line is moving down. So I do think that this is the point that I will rely on in this trade. So we started with like $4200 I think, now it’s 39, but I have 750 invested in bitcoin; the biggest cryptocurrency over there on the market.

Okay perfect, $1400 profit and we are in the money at the $5300 level. You can see here all the trades that other people are making. You see somebody does 50 bucks, somebody does 3 bucks and somebody does 1900. So here I would switch to 1000 bucks. Probably not the best entry point. I was trying to catch the moment when the price is here at the level of the lower Bollinger Band. So there is a chance that it’s not going to win in this case anyway. If during the next 30 seconds it will get here, I’ll just make another additional – I would say auxiliary trade. Yeah let’s make it. Alright, so I have 2000 bucks total invested. Maybe not the concrete trade, not the 100% sure, but you see how RSI is showing the upwards movement. And again here, another indicator, I would say the support line. So both of the trades were made probably somewhere at the level of the support line.

So let’s see how it’s going to end up. Five seconds left. It’s such a close call. It can change at any moment. Just like that, $3800 profit. I got there from 42 at the very beginning to 71. So it’s 3000 bucks of the pure profit, probably this is the point where I would stop, but why not to make one more trade. Let’s see how it goes. So I do see some new features, heading up here. You can see the other people trading, what assets they are trading, their gains, how many deals, the volumes. It gives pretty much a decent picture of what’s happening out there, what people are – the ones just like you, what they are doing and what assets are big right now and bring the highest profits.

Alright perfect. Since we are still globally in the downwards trend, I waited until the moment when we get closer to the upper Bollinger Band and I made the 1000 bucks put trade. 30 seconds left. Looks like we might lose this one but who knows. 20 seconds left. Yeah, it’s a close call again. Yeah, not the best entry point. You see how it still moves to the upper Bollinger Band and our trade is at this level. Anyway, it looks like we are losing this one, but what I’m going to do, I will proceed with the Martingale strategy. I just submitted to 1000 bucks trade. This is still going upwards. Actually no worries, we have enough time. I do believe that this global trend is going to continue. It’s going to go down to the support lines. 17 seconds and it’s getting more and more reliable. Yeah, making trades on the level of the Bollinger Bands is the high probability strategy to be in the money. Alright, 3800 bucks. So we had two losses during this trading session. We started with $4200 and got to almost 8000.

I think right now it’s a good moment to stop for today. If you enjoyed my trading session, just go ahead and try it yourself. No money investment, really just check out the link under the video, and go try yourself on the demo account on the real market. I will see you shortly, later this week. Have a good one. Bye-bye guys. .

Cryptocurrency Trading – How to Invest in Bitcoin with Binary Options
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