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How to earn in Stock Market Philippines – Trading, Dividends, Investment for beginners 2018

On this video, I will share with you about stock market. There are some asking if this is legit this is legit disclaimer first before we start I’m not that good here in stock market I’m not an expert here This video is just an introduction I am just introducing you to stock market on how you can earn or invest here in stock market If you want to enter this field I will suggest to do a research first in Youtube there are lots who are better than me in stock market and also in Google Search in Google too Research first before you enter this field if ever you want to The topics that we’ll be discussing in this video is first, how you can earn here in Stock market first is dividends next is price appreciation In price aprreciation, there are two under it short term or long term Short term can be just one day or hours or minutes upto 6 months or 1 year are considered short term Long term is what many are suggesting This is what you call an investment Like you will buy now then sell it after 5 years or 10 years Later I’ll explain why it’s like that The second one that we’ll discuss is how to start What do you need for you to start in stock market and for the third one I’ll discuss about the risks or what might happen to your money or any bad thing that can happen to your investment or your money and last is the FAQs Is it your first time here and wants to earn extra income online? Click on the subscribe button and the bell to get notified for new uploads Since I’m not an expert here I might say some wrong details or I lack some details to say Please bear with me if ever there’s some Just comment on the comment section if you have ideas that you want to share or if I said something wrong Sotck market is where we buy and sell stocks What are those stocks? Stocks from the companies in the Philippines Example, SM BPI BDO This is where we buy stocks of those companies How can we earn from that Those stocks have prices For example, SM it’s 888 pesos per one stock If ever you buy one stock it costs 888 pesos that how much SM’s stock It varies, for example BPI, it’s pesos for BPI How can you earn from those stocks? First that we’ll discuss How can we earn here in stock market or how to have money here in stock market is the dividends So, yearly or depending on the company most are yearly or sometimes twice a year They are giving dividends To whom they are giving? To those who have stocks So, here is an example DMCI gave a dividend to it’s stock holders You will receive an email if ever your qualified for the dividends that DMCI is giving You’ll see here, Account number That’s you account number in COL Financial or your broker Stock code, DMC that’s DMCI Cash dividend, PHP you’ll see per share this is the cash that you’ll receive per share That depends It can be cash or stocks If stocks, they’ll give you stocks If cash, they’ll give you money You’ll see it’s per share Number of shares entitled to cash dividends this is the shares that you have that you bought that’s entitled for cash dividends So, you have 8,300 stocks that’s entitled for the dividend So, what you’ll do there is to multiply it, 8,300 times So, the total that you’ll receive is 3,984 but it has a withholding tax of 398 The total that you’ll get on your account, in COL Financial is 3,585 That’s the first way on how to earn in stocks through dividends You’ll see here As long as you have their stocks, They gave you money Through cash dividends 3,500 if you have 8,300 stocks The only problem with dividends is it’s not monthly it’s only once a year or sometimes twice a year there’s some that do it 4 times a year but mostly is just once a year Second one that we’ll discuss is price appreciation The price of stocks changes it can be every minute every hour it cahnges You’ll see for DMCI holdings you’ll see the price is for those who want to buy and for those who want to sell When the stock market opened, you’ll see that the price of DMCI is You’ll see the price got lower in a span of like 6 hours The stock market of the Philippines is open Monday to Friday 9:30AM to 3:30PM The price changes The goal of price appreciation is to buy low price and sell when it’s high for example you buoght per stock of DMCI then sell it for the price of or If it’s like that then that means you’ll earn since you bought cheaper and sold it for a higher price That’s how price appreciation works Short term, you can buy now, then sell it tomrrow, or next week or next month that’s short term This video that I’ll show you is an example of short term I bought stock this afternoon for this price and sold it the next day on a higher price That’s the basic principle of price appreciation buy for a low price then sell for a higher price You’ll see here the profit is just low since for video purposes I did it for you to see how to get profit in price appreciation for short term Short term, guys, a lot are not suggesting this before you do short term like trading or buy and sell stocks earn more knowledge about it first study about it, research about it A month is not enough to research Study for a long time before doing short term because a lot are getting deficits here Most that I’ve talked to who do stocks they say avoid short term or just fast trading especially if you’re just new The problem in buying and selling stocks is the commission COL commission is not that high Just 20 pesos if you buy worth 10,000 20 pesos if you buy and 20 pesos if you sell But it depends, guys it depends on the number of shares or stock that you’ll buy or sell and their price The only high amount there is the tax when you’re selling you’ll see here in what we did the tax is 100 pesos plus But in the end if the difference of your buying price is high compare to your selling price you’ll get high profit but it still depends Another example of short term This is for DMCI May 9, Wednesday last week so, 2018 the price of DMCI’s per stock is For example, you bought 1,000 shares the total is 10,140 pesos The worth of your 1,000 stocks or shares is 10,140 pesos So, per day, per minute, the value of your stocks change For example, that 1,000 The value of that is different in May 10 and the value is also different in May 11 and also different in May 15 For example, let’s see how much is the value of your 1,000 stocks last May 15, If ever that you haven’t sold it yet if ever that you put it on hold times 1,000 So, meaning, the value of your 1,000 stocks is 10,980 last May 15 If ever that you did not sell it that’s for the past few days May 11 or May 10 Once you sold you 1,000 stocks just subtract the 10,140 equals, you earned 840 pesos It depends on the numbers of stock that you bought The more stocks you buy, the more profit you could get 840, guys, gross you still have to subtract COL transaction fee and another one to subtract is sales tax once you sold your stocks But stock market there are also risks The risks here If the price went up then it’s good If the price dropped that’s not that good for you If ever you purchased last April 27 where it’s per stock and you’ve decided to sell it last May 3 because you thought that the price might drop lower so, you sold it.

At The 11,500 worth of your 1,000 stocks before, the worth now is 10,400 only You got a deficit now because the worth of your 1,000 stocks dropped and you sold it already Your deficit there is 1,100 But always remeber here in stocks as long as you’re not selling your stocks yet that’s still stock the price might still go up it can still go back to and might go higher like 13 It depends on you guys if you sell for deficit then you’ll get a deficit for that At least the money that you’ll use here is the money that you don’t really need not your electricity fund, not your food expense fund for you to avoid deficit Because mostly that’s how they get deficit Those who needed the money this week so, they’ll withdraw it even if their trade is for deficit they’ll withdraw the money that’s how deficit goes or sometimes if there’s a person who really like to sell it even if it’s deficit because he wants to buy other stock so, the trade is a bit deficit That’s the disadvantage of short term They’re not able to wait the price to bounce back or for the price to go up again For long term price appreciation This is where you’ll hold the stock you bought in 5, 10, or 7 years This is more on investment that you’re doing it’s not like trading or buy and sell of stocks it’s more on investment If you do long term the profit is higher if the price went up and the risk is lesser in long term Although there’s still risk but it’s lesser than the short term Youp should invest for long term investment are the blue chips company These are the big companies in the Philippines those who’ve been running for so long now If you want to know the blue chips company in the Philippines just google Blue chips stocks Philippines The example that we’ll use for long term is Jollibee The beginners in stock market or those who teach stock market they normally use Jollibee as an example Although it’s really nice to invest in Jollibee Because the trend of it is really upwards You’ll see from the bottom it’s going upwards it go down sometimes but still bouncing up So, the bounce is higher than it’s last peak although guys don’t listen to stocks that I’m giving as example It’s up to you research on what stock you want if ever you’ll invest here When I graduated in college, that was year 2012 So, that time I already thought of investing in stocks But I hesitated I did not pursue because of the fees that brokers have so, what if in 2012 I already inbvested in Jollibee Example that I bought Jollibee stocks since I’m a bit younger that time so, I’ll think of Jollibee right away The price of Jollibee last 2012 July 2 is 1For example that I bought 1,000 stocks So, example that I have 106,760 that time which I really don’t have that time So, example guys after 5 and a half year I’ve decided to sell my Jollibee stocks this 2018 It’s price today is 2times the 1,000 stocks you have since you put the stocks on hold If you sell you 1,000 stock of Jollibee this year is 284,310 pesos So, you see since the price was doubled from 160 to 284 not just doubled but almost tripled That’s what also happens to your money Your money also went up based on the price per share or if how many percent did the 106 to 284 That’s also how much your money went up to So, from 106 thousand as your capital to buy stocks in 2012, So, now the value should be 284 thousand I don’t know if you’ve heard of the saying that in stocks, your 50 thousand now after 10 years or 20 years can become 1 million That’s possible I’ll show you how it become possible It’s not only with Jollibee it can also happen with other stocks but here, I’ll show you For example, in 2001 You’ve decided to invest in Jollibee or to buy Jollibee stocks in 2001 Jollibee’s price is just per stock So, you’ve decided now you have 50,000 What your 50 thousand can buy is 5 thousand stocks of Jollibee if you times that it’s 51 thousand that’s the total you’ll pay for 5 thousand stocks So, 2018 if you’ve decided to sell your 5 thousand stocks the price is now 285 so, 5 thousand times 285 The price now of your 5 thusand stocks is 1,425,000 So you see guys it’s possible but it doesn’t always happen it changes and it depends on the behavior of the stocks where you invested It can go much higher for example 2 million if ever the price went to 400 pesos like that or it might also be lower if ever the price if you sold it for the price of 200 so, that’s lower it’s around 800,000 only That’s what they are saying that your 50 thousand after 10 or 20 years will become 1 million That’s possible but it’s not 100% guarantee that if you invest now 50 thousand this year after 20 years it’ll be 1 million it’s not guaranteed It still depends on the behavior of Jollibee’s stocks So, aside from the million that you get from the price appreciation of Jollibee You also earn from cash dividends that it gave you Jollibee gives yearly actually, twice a year last 2015 and 2017 You’ll see it’s 1 peso per stocks If you have 5,000 stocks that means 5000 pesos in 2017 April Last November 2017 they gave per stock so, another 5,000 in one year it’s like 10 thousand from cash dividends of Jollibee but in long term there are still risks that comes along for example in DMCI you bought last 2014 price is then you bought 1000 shares or stocks so, after 4 years if ever you needed the money you needed to withdraw it or you need to use it for something then you sold it this 2018 at the price of How much is the deficit from 16,000 the money that you used to buy 1000 stocks of DMCI the value now is 10 thousand although if you don’t need the money you can leave it on hold like put it on hold for another five years or 10 years more That’s the risk of long term Although years have passed 2 years, 4 years there’s still a chance for it to drop from 16 went to 10 after 4 years We don’t know now if after 5 years it can still go up to like 20 pesos per stock or 30 pesos that we don’t know or also it can drop even more like around 6 pesos per stock like after 5 years Those are the two ways to earn in stock market Price appreciation and cash dividends Cash dividends is just like a bonus your profit is not that high too Although they’re giving 3000, 5000, depends on your stocks How wil you start or enter stock market? You need 3 things this is for me, others might have different requirements First, you need knowledge you need to research One month of research is not enough Do your research maybe for 1 year or 6 months You need to gain more knowledge before entering stocks This video this is not the knowledge that you need This is just an introduction I just let you know on how to earn here or how deficit occurs here That’s the number 1 that you need Research Knowledge That’s number 1 Before entering Research on what it is Second thing that you need before starting in stock market is money Of course you need money to buy stocks SM, BPI, BDO, Bloom Jollibee food corporation, you need money in order to buy stocks from them You’ll see SM, 881 pesos per stock How can you buy a stock if you don’t have 881 pesos That’s the second thing that you need Money is really important you really need it you can’t buy any stock if you don’t have money The third thing that you need is broker What we use here is COL Financial It’s an online broker There are old school broker those where you need to call You’ll call them then you’ll say buy me 10 stocks of Jollibee like that But these days, online broker is in demand For example, this one that we’re using is COL Financial On the third you need a broker You can’t buy stocks directly on stock Philippines stock market or in Jollibee You can’t just go directly to Jollibee’s office then buy stocks from there in Jollibee They’ll not give you stocks there You can only buy stocks through online broker or old school brokers it can also be This stock market video I’ll make 2 or more videos depending on the performance of the videos First video after this is how to buy and sell the step-by-step process of buying and selling stocks that you want Second is How to register in brokers What do you need to register in brokers Frequently asked questions these are the questions mostly beginners are asking about or first heard of stocks First, how can you know how much do you earn every day This kind of online brokers they have a prot folio When you’re in Port folio, you’ll see your day change This is the price change of your port folio since yesterday There’s also Portfolio gain or loss This is the total Since you bought total of all your stocks it’s here portfolio gain or loss For one share, how much can you earn everyday for example in Jollibee you bought 10 shares How can you earn from that everyday Here in stocks it’s not like that The share you bought It has no fixed income everyday For example, Jollibee you will not earn here .25 cents everyday as in fixed .25 cents you’ll earn it It’s not like that There’s no everyday income that is fixed exactly You’ll earn here if the stock value went up that you have, for example Jollibee 285 now, tomorrow for example, it became 290 you earned 5 pesos per stock But to say that you have income everyday it’s not like that here on stocks If you like it that way you should do it in banks like time deposit, peso money markets many more Ask your bank if what do you want to invest in The problem with banks profit is a bit lower there For example, .25 For example, I have in bank example 100,000 The profit every month is 70 pesos the profit is lower in banks But, every month you have sur profit from your money Anotehr question that is mostly asked If the company that you invested it venture high, and you bought stock from them For example here, 2018 Their total profit went up by How much is your share from that? How much will you get from that? You’ll receive nothing from that nothing from their income every year or last year you’ll get nothing from there not unless they give you cash or stock dividend What if I need my money right away? This is mostly who gets deficit in stocks Those who deposited now then needed the money by next week that they deposited That’s mostly go to deficit If ever that happens as long as Monday to Friday that you can sell your stocks then sell it right away Once you sold it, withdraw it In withdrawing it can be via cheque or bank deposit Is it possible if I’m abroad? Yes, this is possible for OFWs I’ll make a video for you You’re included in the video on how to register on how OFWs can register What’s the minimum age to register to trade or buy and sell stocks? 18 years old and above you can register yourself If you’re 18 years old and below, you need a guardian or parents There’s two things when you fill up Main account then there’s like secondary That’s it for this video Please bear with me I’m not really an expert here I just introduced it to my viewers to my 70 thousand viewers I want them to learn this Especially to OFWs or anyone who’s looking for a good investment Stock Market this is a good investment They are encouraging long term investment The money that you can leave within a year or two years Please bear with me I’m not that good here And if you want to see more videos like this like extra income online Click on the subscribe button here on top and click the notification bell to get notified for new uploads Thank you for watching See you next time

Beginners tutorial how to make money online with Dividends, Buying and Selling of Stocks in the Philippines Stock Exchange this 2018

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