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Episode 188: Trading a Trending Market – Trend Trading Strategies – Forex Trading Strategy

Welcome to episode 188 of 13000 trade show where we’re mastering trading and creating excellence through the deliberate practice and analysis of 10,000 traits in this episode we’ll take a look at a trending market trending markets are great because once the trend starts it could continue on for a long period of time so today we’ll take a look at how to identify a trend and what the best place to enter a trend is a lot of times I hear people will enter into a trending move when the price has moved a lot already which is not the best place to place a trade so we want to see a pullback and that’s when we enter a trade in the direction of the previous trend so let’s go into the charts and I will show you how to identify a trending move and where to enter trade in this type of a market here we’ll take a look at how to trade a trending market this is Aussie dollar one hour chart generally when the market trend starts it’s hard to get into it or maybe we just missed the initial move and we come to our desks and we see that market has already turned and it is now trending or it’s starting to move upwards here so in this case we see that price is going sideways for a while here and then it tries to go lower but comes into a support area and then starts to push up higher now reversing this move and we see this uptrend that has already been established now so what do we do once we get to this market the first thing we want to look for is a pullback generally during up trends or down trends any kind of trending market if we do get pull backs market doesn’t just go in one direction it will move up pullback and then make another move to the upside pullback and continue on like that so essentially we’re looking for price to pull back and in this case price moves up pulls back and then we need to see a close above the previous high so in this case we get this big bullish engulfing candle close here and once the candle closes above this previous high this gives us an indication that price is likely to move up higher now so in this case we wait for a bit of a pullback because that is a big candle so we can get a better entry just by looking for a pullback so we wait for a pullback enter the trade long and we stay with the trade so in this case price moves higher and then pulls back again into previous support and resistance area but as you notice it quickly closes back above our resistance level here and then closes stays above that level and then continues higher so this is kind of what we are looking for we look for an uptrend a pullback and then a close above the previous high and we enter the trade long and we stay with the trade as long as price is moving higher and then once we see at the end of the day here price starts to move back and now and we don’t know where the price is going to go we have already seen this move generally the move second leg here will be approximately the same size as the first leg so it’s a good idea to get out of the trade so we exit the trade here from entry to exit we get 50 pips in our trade so just to recap you’re looking at how to enter a trending market so we have an uptrend we wait forever pull back after the pullback we are looking for continuation in the direction of the previous move which is long in this case so once we see this bullish engulfing candle close we look for a long entry on pullback and we stay with the trade as long as it’s moving upwards and as we get into the end of the day and price starts to go sideways it is best to exit the trade from entry to exit we get 50 pips in our trade so our profit is 50 pips or $500 if trading once and a lot if you’d like to learn more profitable forex trading strategies like this one I invite you to visit my course at trading with Venus com forward slash forex course in the course I will show you how to read the candlesticks and different chart patterns we’ll do a deep dive into technical analysis and I will show you how to read the charts properly what trade setups you are looking for and how do we trade these setups properly I will also show you what are the important fundamental things that you need to pay attention to how the different fundamental factors drive market price I will also share with you the trading strategies that I personally use that I have found to be the most profitable we’ll also talk about trade management and how to manage your account and manage your risk so that you become a profitable trader I will also show you tons of examples that you can go and check out so that you are able to see these trades set up in the live markets as well as a bonus you will get access to my pivot point indicator if you have watched any of my videos you know I really love trading the pivot points so you will receive that as a special bonus the price of the core is 497 dollars to sign up for it please go to trading with Venus com forward slash forex course thank you so much for joining me today I hope you enjoyed this episode 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A trending market is one that prices move strongly in one direction, either up or down. The best ways to get into it are looking for a pullback. And one of the ways to identify them is by using a pivot point’s indicator.

Today in this Episode, I will show you how to identify a trending market, where to place your stop loss and how to exit the trade profitably.

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