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Urban Forex APP: STINU – Tutorial #1

Hi, Navin Prithyani here. I’m really excited to share with you today the STINU app. This is the app that gets you to do your money management properly before getting into each trade so let’s dive into it. Alright so we have several different apps for this particular tutorial we’re gonna be working with STINU right here so let’s get that open up. Now on your first screen on STINU you’re gonna see a few settings: Account balance, Risk and Stop-loss. Now before you want to do that you want to click on the menu up here on the top left and click on settings okay. Once you go into settings you want to choose what your account basis now we have multiple different options to choose from okay whether your accounts in Aussie dollar, CAD, Swiss franc, Euro. For this particular example I’m going to do US dollar, click done and the Risk Amount you can choose to be whether you will like it as a percentage of your account this is good for those who are compounding.

And for those who are measuring their skill set amount is the way to go. Okay and on top of that if your position size you’d like to see it in lot size rather than units you can do that as well so let’s choose it in the amount and let’s keep it in lots okay So let’s go back click on the back button there and X out of the menu Alright, so for the account balance, let’s say for this particular example the account is two thousand dollars okay click the check mark right here.

Once that’s done I’m gonna put in my risk I don’t want to risk more than a hundred dollars on this particular trade right click check and then in terms of stop-loss I have a 32 pips stop loss from my strategy that I’m looking at and for this particular case I’m gonna choose 32 pips. So I’m gonna click OK and now I’m gonna move to “Select Currency Pair” I click on that button it’s gonna take me to the next screen and let’s say I’m working with GBP/CHF, right I can click on GBP/ CHF or actually I can clear that by re-clicking it. I can click on Euro USD so for this particular example let’s take a look at Euro USD. Of course if you click on the more icon you have more options in there and you’ll notice some of these pairs gray out because the order in which they’re displayed is already chosen for you so for example you’ll have AUD CAD but you won’t have AUD/GBP right, because it’s normally GBP/AUD. So you’ll see sometimes something’s gray out to keep the order and sync so for this particular example let’s use EUR/USD and hit “Calculate”. Now, here comes the beauty of this app okay there’s a few things you see here: 1.

It shows you how much is risk that you’re doing on this particular trade based on your account size and your risk amount it’s showing you you’re trying to do it based on dollars not a percentage so it’s showing you both how much that is in terms of percentage but also the dollar amount now since you chose 32 pips your loft size is going to be is gonna be your loss size.

But here’s where the beautiful part comes in with this. If when you’re setting up for a trade every now and then you know for me personally when I actually have a trade setting up sometimes by the time my trade is getting ready I notice I don’t need 32 pips anymore I need 37 pips for example I can simply just scroll down and go to 37 pips and that’s it that’s my new lot size now that I need to open up I don’t need to go to the original screen and reset everything and input all the numbers all over again it shows me right here. If I want to choose a higher number the denominations go from 40 50 60 70 I can just click in inside any one of them like 50 and I have everything in blue is from 50 to 59. So it shows you stuff in the inside. All right, so let’s have a look at some of the other features that you have you can clear this out you can always use this and let’s take a look at it in the different setting mode.

Let’s take a look at it in terms of percentage and in terms of units okay so let’s go X out of this so let’s say the account balance now is $4,500 and the risk for this individual is 2% no more than that okay and the stop loss for this particular trade that he’s looking at seems to be 58 pips okay just a random number 58 pips because it’s gonna use it, it’s gonna take 2% and squeeze it into 58 pips. By clicking check I’m gonna go to the next currency pair and we’ll use EUR/USD again for this example. Click “Calculate” and here we go. So now you see your 2% on that account is now equal to $90 and to make sure your you’re doing $90 for 58 pips you have to open 15517 units okay this is not lot sizes anymore it’ll say here it’s units okay. So if you ever see you need to switch between units and loss sizes you know, mt4 generally uses lot sizes brokerages like Interactive Brokers or Tradestation they like to work with a little bit more on the unit side so depending on what your brokerage is you can choose it and obviously you can scroll through and easily choose a different stop loss there.

Now some additional additional things in the menu options you have “Tutorials” if you want to watch some other tutorials that are there somewhere, “Other Apps” you can click on this button here and see our other apps and one of our more popular ones is FX meter app if you want to attend some of my webinars obviously there’s a button for that and then if you liked how this app works please do click on this button and rate us give us a nice wonderful review and we’ll definitely get back to you on that as well so and some links to follow us and and see how we do and what things we update. This app will be updated regularly as things progress and if there is some feedback we get which we need to add into here we will keep this constantly updated. So I hope this tutorial was useful for you I’ll see in the next video .

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