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How Many Stocks Should I Buy? Investing for Beginners Series #11

How Many Stocks Should I Buy? Investing for Beginners Series #11 david moadel welcome to looking at the markets with David Modell this is another video in my series investing for beginners where no question or topic is – beginner ish and you should never feel afraid to ask questions even if they’re basic questions you should never feel embarrassed because I want you to start off right in your investing journey today we’re going to talk about how many stocks you might want to think about owning I mean I cannot tell you what to do or what not to do but I can tell you how many stocks I own when I’m investing and if you have questions that are not answered by this video or if you want more help or if you want some assistance in putting together your own investing plan because you really want to have one you can email me at any time my email address is right down below David Modell at alright so how many stocks well one thing that I won’t do is buy just one or two stocks and put all of my money into those one or two stocks because any company can go out of business or have a lot of trouble any stock could go to zero or could be delisted meaning taken off of the stock exchange it can happen even really good companies can go out of business it it happens now when we buy really great companies that makes it less likely that the company is going to go out of business it makes it less likely that the stock is going to go to zero or get delisted but still there’s always that risk when we invest so let’s say imagine if you put all of your money into one stock one company and let’s say something happened there’s always going to be bad news in the world and something happened and that stock went down a lot the company’s in trouble well now your portfolio your account is in trouble so you don’t want that if you can help it I don’t think you want that happening to you and so in order to make your investing safer more secure and to help us to sleep at night a little better because there’s more safety and security what we can do is instead of just putting all of our capital all of our money into one company or one stock or one or two companies or stocks you might want to consider putting smaller amounts of money into many stocks all right so instead of a large of amount of money in one stock how about smaller amounts of money in many stocks and not just many stocks but many different stocks different types of stocks that’s called diversifying to have a diversified portfolio of stocks means to have stocks not all in this not all of the same type all right stocks of many different types for example if you if you owned some stocks in the technology sector and a sector is just a type or area of stocks that are similar to each other so if you had some technology stocks and some energy company stocks and some retail sector stocks and whatever other types of stocks and you had many different sectors or areas or types of stocks that way even if an entire sector of the stock market all went down at the same time you’d still be you’d still be ok you could still lose money but you wouldn’t lose as much so it wouldn’t be as painful financially and emotionally so that’s what I prefer to do when I’m investing I like to have many stocks but not just many stocks in the same sector but many different types of stocks stocks in in multiple sectors and it doesn’t just have to be stocks perhaps you can have some gold some silver perhaps you can have oh I don’t know some crypto currencies or or or just regular currencies like the dollar the yen the lira euro whatever it might be and that might be a more advanced topic because we’re just sticking to stocks right now but I’m just saying that if you put all of your eggs into one basket as they say then you are at risk but if you diversify you can actually you can possibly minimize your risk depending on still depends on what you invest in but I prefer to invest in great companies and many different types of companies so how many stocks will I own when I’m investing many different ones instead of just one or two and many different types all right so I hope I answered your question about how many stocks I prefer to own and that can possibly influence you to think before putting all of your eggs into one basket alright so if you’d like some help with diversifying with choosing stocks stock selection is super-important how much to allocate toward each stock toward each company that type of thing and putting together a plan which you really need to have if you want some help with that you can email me anytime my email address is right there it’s down below in this video it’s David Modell at and if you like this video please give it a thumbs up on YouTube and leave a comment and subscribe to my youtube channel and hit that Bell on YouTube so you can receive the latest updates on all of my financial educational videos that I put out alright this is looking at the markets thank you so much for watching and listening and I’ll talk to you again soon you

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