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Make Money Binary Options – Fibonacci & Price Action Binary Options Strategy Trade Example

Hello and welcome to my Price Trading Action Strategy for Pocket Option! I´ve already shown my strategy in my previous videos, this time I will use the Fibonacci Retracement as well as the Stochastic and RSI Oscillator! As you can see I drawn a trend line already! Here you see the newly added Fibonacci Retracement you can find here! But first, I will draw another trendline to show how to draw them! I draw from this point to this point, so we see the price just touched the new trend line right here! The RSI is near 30 and the Stochastic is near 20 at this moment! Overall this is exactly the situation I´m looking for! Let us draw a Fibonacci Retracement in addition to get some more information! In this case, we draw it in trend direction from this point to this point! From the lowest point to the highest point in this case! As you can see, the price touched the 38% mark! Another good sign for an upward trade! The price tends to reverse at these levels in many cases! Now, we wait till the Stochastic crosses the signal line upward, this will be our final trade entry!.

If the 61% mark is broken against the trend, expect a trend reversal! You see my other trend line here! it is also possible that the price will move till he touches this line! So, now we see a cross in the stochastic as well as a hammer candle formation, both a sign that the price will start moving up again! Normally, I trade 3 times the timeframe, so this option should run 3 minutes, my mistake in this case! You see, the 1 minute expiration time missing would have turned this loss into a win! Anyway, my second position will win and get me back my loss! This position expires in 15 seconds! … as a winner! I hope you understand my strategy, ensure to watch my other videos to see more trade examples and make sure to get your free Pocket Option Demo Account using the link inside the description! Pocket Option not only provides a lot of trading tools and many assets to trade. They also offer the highest returns in the industry, as well as a unique Cashback Feature! Check out the description of this video to find out more about this exclusive bonus offer without a catch! Zig Zag, for example, is a great indicator to detect Elliot Wave waves.

I really suggest taking a look at this broker if you want to start binary options trading! I´m trading here now for more than 6 months, I paid out regularly, and I´m completely happy! So I never run in problems by now! Keep in mind that you always should take a look at the bonus conditions before you take a bonus! I would avoid taking a bonus if you are a beginner! My Cashback offer below is different, as you are not bound on a minimum trading volume! You can still click here to add some bonuses after you made your first deposit, so you can add a bonus whenever you want! You even will earn bonuses for trading a lot at pocket option! Thank you for watching this video, below you will find a lot more information about binary options and Pocket Option! Please Like,Share and Comment below if you liked the video!

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Trading binary options invovles a high level of risk!

In this video, I show you how to trade my price action strategy, and how to draw the fibonacci retracement correctly! Also watch this video here on youtube for my Pending Order Strategy using the fibonacci retracement for binary options:

Ensure to draw the fibonacci retracement from the start to the end of a trend movement! The price tends to reverse at the 23, 38, 50, 0r 61th level! These Levels are the perfect trade entry for a trade in trend direction! I normally choose 3 times the time frame as expiration time for my binary option, so if i watch 1 minutes charts, I trade 3 minute binary options!

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