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Investing for beginners: Learn how to make passive income | Lesson #1 (FREE COURSE)

Hey, guys, keep on learning here and I wanna welcome you to our free investing course. If you’re new here, we help fellow entrepreneurs learn more about business, investing, and self-improvement. If any of those topics interests you, be sure to subscribe and check out our other videos. Lesson One: What is investing? Investing is how you make your money grow or appreciate for a long period of time. It is a way of saving your money for something further ahead in the future. So what’s the difference between regular saving and investing? Saving is a plan to set aside a certain amount of your income over a short period of time.

While investing on the other hand is a much longer term activity. We consider investing as an action that is based on long-term goals and it’s primarily accomplished by having your money make more money for you. Now that you know what is investing, let’s look at why you should invest. In one word, passive income. You can earn money without working, that’s because your money is working for you. But to elaborate, there are three main reasons to invest. Number one, to beat inflation. As time passes, prices of things go up thus value of your money goes down. Let’s say $100 today can buy you 10 sandwiches, but one year from now, you can only buy nine sandwiches with the same $100.

This increase in the price of sandwich and decrease in the value of your money is considered inflation. In the United States inflation has averaged around 3% per year. This means that something that cost $100 today will cost $103 one year from now. I know 3% doesn’t sound like a lot, but over the years, it can add up. To protect their savings against this inflation rate, people choose to invest so at the least they can keep up with inflation. Number two, achieve financial goals like paying for a child’s college. Investing is one of the best ways to save up for big expenses in the far future. First, investing will help you grow your money so you can reach your goal faster.

Secondly, government offers some great tax benefits, like 529 plan for college savings. Number three, retirement. Yes, people invest for their retirement. And yes, you should start thinking about retirement too. Government can’t even take care of their own budget. You really think they’re gonna take care of your retirement? If you want to retire on that beautiful beach, you need to start thinking about your retirement right now. Now that you know why you should invest, let’s talk about what can you invest in. You can invest in a variety of assets like stocks, bonds, funds, real state, and cryptocurrency. But I want to remind you guys, no matter which investment you choose, there’s always risk involved. It is important to keep that in mind and only invest the money you can afford to lose. I’m not saying that you are going to lose that money, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Later in this course, I’ll also discuss how you can properly manage your risk while maximizing your returns. Throughout this whole course, we’ll mainly focus on stocks, funds, and bonds. All three of these have a different place in your portfolio. One shouldn’t be considered better than others, they all play a wider role in decreasing your risk and maximizing your return.

I’ll talk more about how you can pick your first investment later on in this course. But first, I wanna ask you guys, what’s your favorite investment? Comment them down below. Next lesson, we’ll talk about when you should start investing and the power of compound interest. Be sure to subscribe so you can keep watching the rest of the lessons in this free investing course. Like the video if it has help you. Always remember, the more you learn, the more you earn. ‘�n�������w����}������7VJ�ZۊD�|�”�=-w��N�E�궘��Չ��͇np�qLz�:Ve�7�j��Tj��Co]�X�5�L1�n��ʇ���’����쟔�&t�!a�6�����k����O�B.W���f�(�E:����?)ZI�&�롪�o�$�- �&Y֪Ik���幭�� |T��@t���/�qX��Ζ�‘̍��mUx.��7o�i�hk�R++N�u�N�^S��K�1d���h���>;*�~Nt��;�*���M�S�Gُ�3y���:Y�|�m��Xk�El��Ȩ����3Ҟ����82�xYssJԑ����M|�S�”��_ڽ�}����j����L NL�/L�+�A����� Dk��=VH���k٢�wi�4���b��r��I��F�db�^��EE�P�d ��s�* �?9���7u�k�b^1i��v�� ?Rr ������|���������L�t����-�q����jY�I”j�ѹʭlM^�{O��N��t�DzB*j���[email protected])٭Z��f&O����c���殨�”I� ���c~��ѻ�w���j�w���U�|�^�����K����=���>?(D�إ�’WtW��� G/��1y9lh�Cv!J�������y��1�U��*���X�1��ź|��-1x��������m1�tMT=o�,�%��”�}=��9���u��wr���.���U�Q��.��/1�����;{�m� Qr9�9*{��nu�jٝ�l�l��f���ܾ_oo?��”bk�]�1>R�W9����{��T2���� =W�K�Q��g��M� {��w���r������mr�������9gk��W�Ux1�]}__n��bYZ��’0��E����’_#Z’��=���k�U訨�=uNO7��)�4x����H*�����U�~�i�����g��M����95���m��y�������̮�bg��r�S�ӵL����4���2ۈR�� }w�����w�����.ߜ��$F菆��9?���f�es> �S���R�Qi�o}��X�~���ȪڵZ�>W�o��;����7�B-�b��@���o����,2���A�v���J�Mq�u�W�/����e�͵�:J��h�E3SŎb5��98����g�Iw��h���8�;5����J�S��x��= ����M N�)&�Sy�#ݶ)�6��o͗H����UՕ������߾U5iǥ}w�{w�=��-烶ɠ��b�sԲ�K���9W��n�6h���M֬�t����w6ߩ���c���”U�����{�r|����I��-mw�Fa�6+؜��I���T8�O*�$� D�#~�B��ʓU�����s���s�l���aO1���q�㲕�n�餐Ȝ�QS�*w*qAj���������Dji�qcO#��HWݣ�z�H��z����� ������q� ��w�X��?�r?�>����$��`X�kX�r�J6{e�� �W�m�����4��}G.��^�D�_�_�W�Nj��+yO����P6�扫��հ���ˤs���U���n�fl�jw���տilDI^e�)�tR��F�V��DV�/EE��GA�֠�+��Jw؋$����dD�R&�6�OU}�����쩻�ֽ���9X���V��M8**)��twÆ��+ ޙ�������ڜ_�T*���L���:�=�}���OU�W7���ޏ�}�۾s�kD��2�2����5 *C?����z��=y����uҥ��Sk�?Y̿a�58Q�L�Y����>������>���c?��2y 6��� �.:��]���m���毄}����?y`I�#��NO���٫�ϟ���|?��TZq��G7|g�ɢ�#it_�ʆ柄}����?y` �H�i”���m �N�����*����ӆ?{)��� iNַ��6��_~��a3K�n��)>�|ή��z�ct��˯��ٯ�8�Y���I�8Ϣ�)���|nV����”訩ب������n��+”�?�tۢ,6��?_m>}S�W�ť���7��=�N�aw�>Ky��_�-ӓE|j�yWT��E�L��f��h������+��ᆭ����]���2;j��GȊ��خ��~%�FO*��s�i�1″�����e��D�U��c�%~m:Ĭ���a8������ʷuU�_J�Y�55�b#�i�׵5�OJ=яg��u�:^R}$����DD���c?��2y 6��� �.:��]���m���毄}����?y`I�#��NO���٫�ϟ���|?��TZs7^��ح����jJ���L�F�ϗ�;�5x�3z�/��Ϻ5-��*�&���?���; �n�V�q�?^ �w4�O�sѭO�S/��3��^#)Ħ���|�,�)1uJ5X��Id_�M^qL��9����%�M�!jUa��3��}_д¿�������]Q����#o�r�F�+:� ���tk&��Gkͯ~��?��-o����rl��oimtr��q��~�̈�’�����|ɏ���$Of�’E:��|���”k���uQ�/�+]�R��(���L��Kfսs14rer ub� ���d�w���/W�� V��J�l|4�ݫW]��S��jţ�k��Ur�y�i�]���������ݾo?F�N�����O��},�X�����^x���h�̞۫c������ժb��5�寧dZ��uO�#�zg����j����d ���+�s�ޮS6-�c�������s�.�n��|�Z�����wq�1xĥնi9�Gm�m�;M�}tGҲ�c����>N>�2�q�O�4��+o�����(Wu��#�}�f{X��ܨ{��&�eo����E%M���muj�z*B�K�+���>R���N3�W쪜~�{C�� yb�;�=��xd,Uu=rֽ��]�����:���Ɖ�F��F��u��u�{�;����+�:����c��t^�’�좢�~�{C�� y`���e�;��Ԓ9��UuRH�vq=V��ֽ�]Z���&��=ɇ���]�����V�����&��=Ƀ�&��0�����i��p5 C�k���w�v�_����#���DD�V�殟+tS��Oh{���,�N��m�Rؕ{_+��}�*�$DGg9�UU�=x/px�9��,]d�k�2/n������9��be�k��C�?L�U���h��|��ܯ�v��v������J�]�|��Y��bc�/-�s��N�觹Q��1Ud���6�TTDWƭzh�x)�f:tuY��� ��ol�6�0��h�Վw���EjE�Gj�’�ޥ-�kNes�Jֱ�k��U����y��kW��7���姕�rz��f����%�� �a����ș��> v��dtNU��DG7��ɡ阎��ꈙ�ٷ�H:m��%|/�ZZ^{$ �}%4�ylW���n�$;�e+�/�M�){c�����N�m-�&��-�H���Fh��]9y$��O4���>_�m�R�������`+�*?]�hZ�Z�B�+����櫝����1>���^�C�#==��* ��_L��_��>?~�כ��N}9x�>No�N;��3�����?�Z��7���W�|� +�_S���}�8|��������xg�h�p���� ś����%�j�er����H�r�/ܱ{�/x�f]ғi�/w��~���j�mIqI 9�����C����4��^#������ݟ�w�;�dq.e�bWGXe���Y����TF��wx��;oI�Ou�>�^’1�k����w��͝�b����׺��H���������r”‘v��v�|��O+��8���}>���U�+��ލ�@�UF9��ت�j�QQ p���o{�>F� �٢��dv� � 7SK��n?���ѭDEs��;��U9�ⱙwJM��we���������z��lgg�t�|�j���c��d�ɧoo��-�ϯe��]y�?�RSr�t�+��n�֡d7

For educational purposes only, not financial advice.

In this video, we will talk about investing for beginners, and give advice on why investing is important.

This is lesson 1 of the free course on investing for beginners. We will have dozens of more video on all aspects of investing which will teach you how you can start making passive income with investing.

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