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How To Invest in Cryptocurrency: Super Beginners Guide

I’m gonna be talking about how to invest in cryptocurrency now like anything in life one simply does not just invest in anything without knowing what they’re investing in just keep that in mind don’t be caught up in the FOMO fear of missing out most people see something on the ride they don’t jump on the bandwagon and then they’re they think they’re going to make it like the stocks right oh I heard my friends investing the stock let’s go buy rubbish complete rubbish there’s a saying if you don’t know who the schmuck is in the room you’re the schmuck so the first thing I tell anybody before investing cryptocurrency is don’t and I’m not saying don’t because it’s not a good idea I’m saying don’t because you don’t understand in space okay like myself I would invest in anything unless I truly understand it so the first step is I need a space understandable cryptocurrencies is if you guys don’t know what bitcoin is what if you’re in is well cryptocurrency is or blockchain technology if there’s a guy below this video okay that’s the first step understand what you’re investing in and take your time spend a couple of months reading about it become an expert in the field okay then once you have a grasp around the industry the technology in a different career flip currency that you can get started so step one and getting started once you’ve done the research is open up her account on any single exchange so you can go to cracking or coinbase those are simple ones easy just easy to set up and deposit some money don’t start big people think they become rich investing crypto that’s not the case you don’t just become rich of doing anything there’s a process there’s a strategy this you know how risk-averse are there’s so many different variables for this so I always tell people start small put a five hundred bucks and because hey if you’ve been investing or if you’re thinking about it and if you study the space you see this volatility like this all over the place crazy volatility especially now in crypto currency season it’s crazy all over the place okay so start small five hundred bucks put it in so now once you have five hundred bucks what you invest in so you connect your bank account idec’s your coin base or crackin you’ve deposited five hundred bucks of fiat currency get the big to okay get bitcoins get aetherium for now simple keep it safe even though there is a lot of volatility it’s still roughly safer than the other cryptocurrencies okay so you have 500 bucks let’s say 250 Bitcoin 250 hearing next thing what you want to do is continue researching and educating yourself on the other cryptocurrencies there’s millions out there I’m not going to name them right now you can do earn your own research but pick one find out why that cryptocurrency exists in the first place find out the team behind it find out what problem they solved read their white paper and really understand should you even put any money into this because like any different market cryptocurrency is no different because you have speculators speculators you have market demand your supply and demand yes different layers and different variables and different teams and different individuals and institutions manipulating the price is no different than anything else okay so you have to understand all the different layers so do your research and every single coin for example do research on triple d research and – do research on lifelong here research on Mineiro do research on goal and do research on NP if your research on then you name it like I said this doubt run an in-mold right but do your research and every single one understand the space ok tick if I want to do if I want to start investing in stocks I’m just going to simply invest in it I’m going to research Tesla Amazon Google Shopify I’m going to find out who’s on your team who’s under board what’s your plan what’s early earnings from last year etc all these numbers and all these things I need to know before invest ok so get that information next thing need to know is talk to people so a lot of these cryptocurrencies they have public sit here it’s not all of them but some of them actually most of them do talk to them send them an email or talk to the team and figure out what’s going on internally during their slack channel join their spec channel join facebook groups so there’s a good facebook cryptocurrency club join that check that out there’s a bunch of different resources like that but really go into the community and see what these individuals from these coins are actually doing finally once you have some information and let’s say you notice that hey Bitcoin has gone a little bit up and period has gone down a little bit time to allocate maybe like every quarter you look at your holdings like any other investment you’re like okay I’m going to move a little bit to this they can move a little bit to that so that’s it it’s it’s it’s not complicated and these are small baby steps but these baby steps gradually increase to bigger steps and these bigger steps gradually increases huge enormous steps so you might go from $500 investment next thing you know you’re a thousand Eckstein or 25,000 next you know a hundred thousand one hundred thousand dollars of somebody’s money that’s something not to be messed around with no matter who you want okay so you don’t want to be losing that out and people lost millions of dollars in cryptocurrency space because agreed because if you’re missing el greed it’s a it’s very dangerous okay so you don’t want to be greedy you want to be slightly risk-averse what a minimize your risk as much as possible okay so let’s repeat that again I have except right here if you’re looking at that step one that’s your precursor to step one if there we go precursor step one is understand it’s base you can check out the guides below okay again step one is go to kraken or calling base there’s a link below this video okay to set up your account step to invest a small amount like five hundred bucks or so okay that’s three by two two big ones for now they’re pretty stable compare the other one so that’s Bitcoin in either step for research and educate some more so start picking the crypto currencies that interest you figure out why people are investing in it figure out the problem itself figure out the dev team there’s a whole team everything and spend some time and understand it you know become a master at it next thing to talk to the experts will talk to other people who are investing in this space was that individual investment or maybe they have like a crypto fund okay and if finally is time to reallocate so every quarter like Ray Dalio talks about and it’s all whether portfolio you want to reallocate your investments of you’re noticing some Ares is down over here what dining areas are improving much better or performing much better for yield okay that’s it it’s not too complicated this has nothing to do with day trading I’m I’m on day trading at all I don’t do day trading this is just talking about long term investments and for anybody who has any inclination investing this is simple steps to start you know it’s not complicated but please don’t think that all of studying India rich overnight because a lot of times that’s what I’m hearing from people they’re trying to put in a thousand bucks they can make ten thousand there’s a lot of people do it but high risk is a very very high risk of losing all that so if you have like a high risk type of persona and you can handle losing that money lose it go for it but most people don’t they don’t want to lose a thousand dollars so you want to mitigate your risk as much as possible and work your way up so that’s that guys like always I’m giving out Bitcoin in ether you got to leave a comment below with your Bitcoin in a fearing address and a suggestion okay not just your cerium in Bitcoin address none of that stuff okay and if I given you before my movies again I know blog even to be for the list okay and make sure to share this video keeps

How To Invest in Cryptocurrency: Super Beginners Guide

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So you’ve been following cryptocurrencies for a while. You’ve seen Bitcoin explode in value, from tiny fractions of a cent a few years ago to their peak of over a thousand dollars. You are, understandably, interested in investing in them. If you’re going to take that road, you need to be aware of some very important details…

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